Sunday Morning at Casa de Roses

I sit here, I listen to the music du jour. It will be of no surprise to you, I'm in my pink, fluffy dressing gown, drinking the first coffee of the day. I've exchanged the first lot of casual and fond insults with Gee's brother. I've perused this week's Post Secret's secrets and have already had a little cry, for I have a soft heart and am a romantic sap.

The Boy and his GF are fast asleep. The Cat decides she's had enough of looking at me and wants to go look at them. She scratches on the door. I hear muttering from within, the door is opened a crack, the Cat slips in, the door is shut. I count to 10 and by the time I've got to 7, the Cat is scratching on the door again to be let out. I hear muttering from within. The door is opened a crack, the Cat slips out, the door is shut.

I look at her face, I start counting.

The Cat starts scratching at the door...

I think it's going to be one of those days.


  1. You are Sooo Right Ms Roses....
    fickle pussies aside....

  2. princess ~ she excells at the Door Game. Personally, I've given up; which is fine if it's just Boy and me, but when we have company, guests are disconcerted when I leave the bathroom door open.

  3. I always warn visitors that the kitties like to sneak into the room and sniff the guests and their luggage. Sometimes Lola steals shiny jewelry as well. Close door as appropriate.

  4. And was it one of those days? Enquiring minds need to know.

  5. xl ~ you're a good host. After all, guests need to know these things.

    mme dF ~ It was indeed one of *those* days. I found much to amuse me.

  6. We had a dog like that when I was growing up

  7. cyberpete ~ are you sure it was a dog? Normally, they just lie there and let you step over them.


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