Public Service Announcement

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am giving you a heads up. If you don't take my advice and it all ends in tears, you can't say you weren't warned.

There is something going on in the Heavens.

I know of 8 women who have, within the last 4 weeks ended significant relationships.

This does not include the sudden deaths which have also been happening on a totally random basis.

Therefore, finish reading this blog post, and don't worry I'm keeping in short, go and find the person/friend/animal that you love best in this world and hug them. Tell them how much they mean to you.

Because I tell you what, these are shitty times. And in shitty times, we've really got to stand for each other.


  1. Those would be my kitties.

    I also love all of my online friends, some of which I have met in person.

  2. xl ~ why are you lx all of a sudden? Fancied a change?

    Go hug your kitties. I hug them too...and you.

    I love you too honey. What would I do without you?

  3. Anonymous12:07 am

    Sorry, I only found a bottle of Blanc de Blances, but I'm hugging it 'til the last drop, really.

    It's tough, as mostly. People die, things change. I thing it goes in waves, or circles, a spyral, but I guess waves is the better image.

  4. mago ~ I'm going to stay away from the image of waves, I'm not a strong swimmer.

    Well, I loves you lots too. So come here and give me a hug!

  5. I am also in that group - my husband of 30 years just ran off with my friend of 26 years. Its very hard to take but I have to find the strength within and go forward. Reading your blog with help me see how inner strength can get me through.

  6. moggie ~ oh fuck. What a horrible thing to do to you. Especially after you pulled it back from the brink, not so long ago.

    Honey, if you're looking for inner strength on this blog, sweetie you're fucked. I'm wet spaghetti at the moment.

    Keep breathing and put one foot in front of the other. All will be well.

  7. Peculiar and sad times indeed. Even the wife of the man who delivers our papers died last week. He delivered them anyway, he felt he was still needed and he couldn't let the customers down.

  8. z ~ it's just not getting any better is it?


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