The Problem with Nostalgia

The theme for the last few weeks has been somewhat a re-visiting of the past. Much to Boy's horror, I've been jiggling around to my favourite disco hits of the 70s. According to my iTunes doohicky, I've listened to Amii Stewart's Knock on Wood, 69 times in the last 2 weeks since I downloaded it. My Facebook friends when they found out what I was discoing too sent me loads of good songs to add to my playlist. Good times.

And then Cyberpete reminded me of one of my favourite tracks of my teenage years, by Laura Brannigan: Self Control. So I've been listening to that loads too. I then looked up some other favourites of mine. Including one of George Michael's early solo singles: Careless Whisper. At the time, I thought it was so dreamy. I'd fall asleep to it playing on my walkman. My 14 year old self, would read Mills and Boon and dream of the Prince Charming coming to rescue me.

The 41 year old woman has different ideas. I've deleted it off my playlist. It makes me grind my teeth. I do read the occasional romance, but the Princess is too busy kicking arse to sit down to wait to be rescued. I fall asleep listening to Richard Bandler telling me I'm awesome (and to give him more money). The video doesn't help, even with the Princess Diana lookalike, not far from the truth it seems.

It's an "I got caught doin' wrong" song. Whinging bastard cheated on his girl (he was 'straight' then') and friends of the cheatee clued her in and now he's singing the blues...or the new romantics. Eejit. He deserves everything coming to him and now I have no sympathy for him. Slightly strange, cause I don't believe that infidelity is the worst thing that can happen within a marriage. It's the whinging and whinning. Man the fuck up George! And stick with the vamp. She looks like far more fun.


  1. Sorry, I don't know those songs.

    I do know the soul version of Knock On Wood.

    I guess I could horrify both you and Boy!

  2. xl ~ You don't know those songs!!! WTF?

    Unfortunately, The Man won't let me watch your link.


    And yes, I'm already horrified.

  3. The link is to the original version of Knock On Wood by Eddie Floyd. Perhaps you can find an alternate link not restricted by the STASI?

  4. xl ~ I do know it! Not only that, I found a video of him, surrounded by skinny, 60's girlies dancing badly.

    That's a different start to my day.


    PS. I do like that. You're gonna love my friends the Dunns, they do fabulous Tamla Motown covers.

  5. From Laura Branigan Self Control to her cover of Alphavilles Forever Young, to a fantastic dance mix of that song.

    Go here

  6. "The Problem with Nostalgia" is imho the confrontation with lies. WIsh I had them all killed by now, but I'm still working.

  7. mago ~ it's definitely the lies. I'm glad you didn't kill them. You can't blog in prison.

  8. Who knew? George was having the same fantasy as you darling.

    But he was secretly awaiting his knight in shining armour in a toilet cubicle...

    Oh hai Pete... Xl...

    Gorge was probably considering having somebody knocking on his own wood!

  9. Oh... Hai Mr Mags....

  10. princess ~ it's a bit obvious in hindsight, isn't it? Bless him. At least he's strutting his stuff now.

    Though, I really don't see the appeal of sex in public toilets. But I'm a woman, I put the seat down. What do I know?

  11. I enjoyed self control.
    I went from there to visit Gloria afterwards Singing my head off full pelt round the lounge..
    Minus the leg warmers!
    I remember watching careless whisper longingly, I liked the girl in the white swimsuit! She looked a hell of a lot more appealing in that, than George did in his tennis


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