Getting Back on the Horse (again)

How goes it with your New Year's resolutions people? Mine have been an epic fail for the last four weeks. Epic Fail.

In the last four weeks, my Davina dvds have been languishing on my shelves, my meditation cushion has been un-sat upon and my lungs have been wheezing like a blacksmith's bellows. I'm going to give myself a break here. The last four weeks have not exactly been problem or Drama-free, shall we say. That said, I suspect the Drama has only just begun to unfold and I need to be fighting fit for it.

I saw a magnet recently that stated:

I tried to drown my sorrows, but the little suckers learnt to swim!

And so, I try again. I have limits about the exercise regime I can embark upon because I'm off to London for 10 days. That's fine. I'll do some before I go and get stuck in on my return. I dusted off my meditation cushion and planted my backside upon it. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's true what they say about meditation, it really does make a difference. It gives the chattering monkeys in my head something else to do and gives me a welcome break.

I know how much better I felt for trying and doing. I know who I want to be and I know how I want to feel. This isn't it. Lungs full of sludge, feeling dumping and lethargic. So, I can whinge or I can get back on the damn horse until I learn how to ride it.

Excuse me, I've got to go put some riding boots on.


  1. Maybe some mood music? Happy Bunnie Day!

  2. Oh darling!

    For me, cleaning my flat on a regular basis and working out. It would be a dream come true. Maybe even eat at regular times and healthier.

    Today I've had a caramel latte and lots of water.

  3. dave ~ indeed.

    xl ~ of my favourites. Thank you my darling.

    cyberpete ~ I had a dream....(of silver spandex).

  4. In that dream, were you possibly in some ghastly 80s pop video or scifi movie and had big blonde hair?

    PS. Just had some cheese and crackers. A second on the lips, forever on my hips

  5. cyberpete ~ I have no idea why Abba came up in the conversation. I blame it on the sherry.

    I wouldn't worry about cheese and crackers....hang on. Who's cheese?

  6. You need a good riding crop as well. We could use it on Pete.

  7. DIRTY!

    Oh, and Abba never looked better, or did they?

  8. ms scarlet ~ what a good idea.

    cyberpete ~ you had to think about that didn't you?

  9. I'm still not on any extra committees but the voluntary work is getting increasingly demanding, I still haven't got a dog and I'm only playing the clarinet about once a month. But this is a whole-year thing, so it may come good yet.

  10. Damn those chattering monkeys...
    nasty nattering little nabobs of negativism.

  11. nasty nattering little nabobs of negativism.

    Nicely put, Donn.

  12. That's even better than "billions of blistering bastards".

  13. z ~ it sounds like you're still on top of things. We're not even half-way through the year yet, still time.

    mago ~ :-D

    donn ~ I know. Blasted things.

    mj ~ his turn of phrase was rather impressive. I'm still impressed (don't tell him)

    mago ~ yep. I agree with you.


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