Week 2

So, how's it going with your resolutions people?

Personally, I'm finding more difficult to make decisions, not less. I find this somewhat frustrating. Mind you, deciding not to do the laundry or the dishes, is not taking any time at all. Nor is, ignoring the pile of personal admin stuff. Yes, I still think it's ridiculous that admin makes up both of my part-time jobs and my basket of paperwork overfloweth.

However, I have completed one week of exercising. Today, I stepped up the pace a bit. I'm doing a Davina McColl workout. Damned near killed myself too. But I finished it. Okay, so I marched on the spot during the interval training, but I did all of the toning stuff with weights. I have to say the happy hormones are fantastic.

This morning, I achieved a long-term goal. Something I have always wanted to do and have never done. Ladies and Gentlemen, today I touched my toes. Yes, you read right. I bent over with straight knees and touched my toes. How cool is that? Okay, so it's marginally less exciting that Victoria Beckham's pregnancy, I will give you that. But as my gran had been known to say 'small things amuse small minds'.

Your turn, how's it going? Are you flagging yet, or still enjoying the new experience? C'mon, fess up.


  1. Congrats on the toe touching. I have another friend who is into foot fetish, too!

  2. xl ~ thanks very much. I'm not keen on touching other people's feet, but thanks for thinking of me....ummm....unless he gives good foot rubs. In that case, e-mail me his number.

  3. xl ~ p.s. How on Earth did you get here so fast?

  4. I played the clarinet yesterday. I said I'm not going back on the PCC (Parochial Church Council, it's the committee that runs the church and parish - I used to be secretary and then churchwarden) to the present churchwardens, although the AGM isn't until April so there will be more pressure put to bear. Haven't got a dog yet.

  5. "How on Earth did you get here so fast?"

    RSS feed. That, and too much time in front of the computer.

  6. Ah..., Z has reminded me that I was supposed to have a go on my sax...
    And be careful where you bend over.

  7. z ~ well done with the clarinet. Stand fast with your decision about the PCC. If it looks like you're about to cave in, call and I'll remind you why. I'm so looking forward to the puppy.

    xl ~ ahhhh....that explains it. I too spend way too much time on my laptop, but it would miss me more than the sofa would.

    ms scarlet ~ get your sax on gurl! Is your advice banana based?

  8. Yes!
    I was also thinking about Dave!
    Where is he? He must be poorly today.

  9. Not at all keen on this whole pregnancy thing. It's all too much now with our new arrival of royal twins here. Vicky should just go away.

    Very exciting about the exercise thing. You must tell me the name of the DVD you are using. Maybe I should add it to my collection of unused exercised DVDs.

    As for me, I'm not getting better at the more active resolution. Am now on sofa yawning watching Jamie Oliver make ketchup when I should be cleaning.

  10. ms scarlet ~ naughty woman. That's why we lurve you lots.

    No idea, he was grumpy with me this morning on FB and I've left him alone since.

    cyberpete ~ It's Davina McCall, Power of 3. I've got some to spare if you need some more to prop up table legs...or coasters...or birds carers.

    Why would anyone make ketchup? Heinz do such a good job. Jamie Oliver is just odd sometimes.

  11. That is odd, making Ketchup when Heinz is around. I tried telling him that but it was like he was ignoring me or something. RUDE!

    Must check that one out. Could be kool if we could do the same thing. We could motivate each other and hate her together.

  12. cyberpete ~ do you have an amazon account? Send me the details and stick it on your wishlist.

    She is actually quite amusing and makes me smile through clenched teeth as I try and do the squat kicks.

  13. I amazon way too much. Mostly books though. Never knew you could share wishlists. I'll email the link to you tomorrow.

    Let me know a link to your wishlist too.

  14. cyberpete ~ I'll get on to the e-mail, so you can see what I'm doing. One thing is for certain, I'm sore this morning.

  15. It has been a hideous day today hasn't it.


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