Confession Time

I can't be arsed to do a proper blog post this morning. I've got to do a workout, go to acupuncture and then stare at my navel all weekend. But because I'm lazy and curious (not quite sure how these two character traits of mine manage to manifest themselves so well, given they pretty much cancel themselves out), I am going to share my one and only New Year's resolution.

I have decided that this year I am going to Do, more than I Think.

For I have come to the realisation that I suffer from analysis paralysis. I can spend the whole day thinking about what I want to do that day, and do nothing. Therefore, following the advice that it's better to change ONE thing, rather than to change lots of things and get nowhere. This is the thing I'm going to change.

I'm Doing people.

Which brings me to you, Ladies and Gentlemen. What is your New Years resolution? Come along. Share it with us. How's it going? Tell us all about it and we'll provide a bit of cheerleading when the couch comes a-calling.

Aparently, it takes 30 days to form a habit (I read somewhere, I can't remember exactly). So, if we get to 6 weeks, I reckon we'll be doing really, really well. We can have a Resolutions party, with cake and alcohol to celebrate our strong wills.

Excuse me, I'm just off to do my workout.


  1. My resolution is to be less whiny.

  2. I'm going to run 10k and cycle the width of the Country. Possibly.

  3. MAy I stare at your navel?

  4. xl ~ I've not noticed you being whiny.

    rog ~ Go Rog! Go Rog! I'm right be...behind this pint of cider. Go Rog!

    mago ~ are you sure it won't distract you from rubbing my feet?

    savannah ~ c'mon sugar, you've to give us more than that to go on. Let's be havin your resolutions.

  5. Get a dog. Stay off the PCC. Play the clarinet more.

  6. z ~ yay! A puppy at the wall party! Will you play the clarinet there as well? PCC? A recreational drug only the cool kids do? Whazzat?

  7. I can multitask.

  8. Oh right, um, okay. I was going to be more active this year. Says the guy who just spent the last two ours wrapped in blankets and duvets sleeping on the sofa.

  9. mago ~ good man. Carry on.

    cyberpete ~ honey, you've been ill. You're supposed to be on the sofa, when you're feeling poorly.

  10. Good evening Roses.

    Well, since Mago is stareing at your navel, can I check out the rest?

    Seriously I applaud your motivation and I hope you can stay with it. I don't make resolutions myself, but if it gets you motivated to get to where you want to be, that's great. You can be your own best driving force.

  11. karl ~ I think Mrs Karl would have something to say about that!

    I think by keeping my resolution to Doing not Thinking, it leaves everything open to negotiation.

    If it means I think 'I must do the dishes', I then go do the dishes. If I think 'I must sit on the couch and vegetate', I head for the couch. You see how this becomes my win-win situation?

  12. I have decided to try and teach myself to meditate - I have a home learning kit (so old the sessions are still on tape) but I did manage it before and think it would be helpful to my life.

    Watch this space (or my blog???)

  13. moggie ~ I've found Buddhist meditation to be very useful. You've got a mantra to repeat internally, which means you don't have to make your mind go blank.

    I can sit for hours and do nothing, with my head obsessing about everything and nothing which is why the Buddhist approach works for me.

    Good luck with that.

  14. Did someone mention cake?

  15. mj ~ no! No one mentioned cake. No cake. No cake!

    Oh god, please no cake farts. Please?

  16. We can have a Resolutions party, with cake and alcohol to celebrate our strong wills.


  17. mj ~ yes, alright. I'll give you that. I did mention cake. I admit, I thought I'd be safe as you don't usually visit here.

  18. Here's one from Maryland ...

  19. See MJ, that's the kind of cake link we're looking for.

    Thanks mago!

  20. My resolution is mostly to remember to do the things I failed to do last year. A rolling reluctance to achieve anything will mark this year too.

  21. I'm trying not to have resolutions because it can only end in tears, however, I did have one that said "Try to read and comment on people's blogs in a timely fashion and not four days after they post!"

    Yeah, I'm doing well with that one. Oops.

  22. mme dF ~ I'm a great believer in that if you had all year to do, and the things didn't get done. You're really not going to do them. Rather than stress yourself by trying to do them and not doing them this year. Think of new things you won't do.

    It's important to change the things you procrastinate, otherwise you'll just get bored.

  23. veggie ~ no worries hon. It's just nice to see you. Coffee?


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