Shallow as a Saucer

Forgive me, I'm still slightly over-excited. Let me set the scene: I'd finished thinking about what I wanted to do today, told Boy we were going shopping. The Ministry of Sound CD playing on full blast. It'd been awhile since I'd taken my pride and joy out for a blast. We needed to go get something edible in the house. As we are driving along, an Astin Martin Vanquish pulled out in front of me.

Tell me, do I lick the man or the car?

Now ladies and gentlemen, forgive me if I'm wrong...but that is just a totally awesome car on screen, in real is just stunning. Both Boy and I were drooling and squealing.

We turned up the sounds loud. I took my pride and joy for a quick blast up the dual carriage way. By blast, I do mean blast. I was the asshole in the BMW doing a ton in the outside lane. My pride and joy, she is only a baby Beemer, but she is very quick and light on her heels. She flies. That feeling is

Staples, the stationery emporium parted me with cash for a new printer and a pair of scissors (I know totally random).

Turn it up loud!
This track is blasting and I'm once again in the outside lane bombing down the A47 at *cough* miles per hour. I glance in my rear-view mirror and see this glide up behind me.

Oops. I think I came in my pants
Do bear in mind that I was not exactly standing still. I saw a gap and pulled into the slow lane. He just cruised on past, flashed his hazards and disappeared off into the horizon. I just knew the car was gorgeous, Boy knew it was Noble m400. Awesome. Just awesome.

If this is the start of things to come in 2011. Bring it on baby.


  1. You need to drive my old Pontiac as comparison. I'm pretty sure it does 60 now and then with encouragement and only stalls twice a day. If you get it on an incline it might even breach 62! :)

  2. I remember what you have said about men who feel the need to drive fast cars.

  3. My bicycle suddenly seems a bit tame.

  4. You have a Bimmer? What model? You need to hit the autobahn and open her up! They are made for driving!

  5. The Sage had a BMW when I married him. Now he drives an elderly little red van, which he loves and which I avoid being seen in. He has been a sad disappointment to me. I hope you have better luck

  6. veggie ~ I've had quite a few cars like your Pontiac: ones you can't go out in if it's windy, ones that have a knack to make them go (usually a large hammer). That's why I love my pride and joy.

    dave ~ your memory is going love. My comment was:men who own Jaguars and Mercedes have compensation issues.

    I like men who drive well.

    rosie ~ honey, I'm not trustworthy on anything with 2 wheels.

    xl ~ I thought you knew. She's only a 1 Series - 118d. If I head to the Autobahns I'd take a 3 Series M Sport pack. That's made for opening the throttle.

    z ~ oh bless. I suppose that's why I own my BMW, no point waiting for someone to give me a car.

  7. Please don't say "only." That's a fine car!

    I have lately been toying with the idea of a BMW X6...

  8. xl ~ I suppose it's the 'starter' range. One day, I will have an M3. *sigh*. I had a look at the X6, that is one lush car. I'd get it.

  9. I don't know cars, but chances are that if he is fairly rich. So I would totally.. If I get to marry the man, you can have the car

  10. cyberpete ~ These cars are shiny, make lovely grumbling noises and are fast. What else is to know?

    If he swings your way, you can have him...but I'll hold you to your promise that I can have the car.

  11. Deal. I can't wait to hear back.

    Remember, tell him I'm easy.

  12. Good evening Roses,

    Both beautiful cars, they look like an unaffordable blast.

    I commend you for clearing the left lane, a personal pet peeve of mine.

    Not comfortable with two wheels? I would bet you'd look great on the back of a Harley and a bit of red wine to help soften the ride. (no I didn't read your previous post)

  13. cyberpete ~ I want to be your 'best man', just bear that in mind.

    karl ~ I'm a bit of a control freak to ride pillion. But the thought of going faster...mmmmm.....

    As for moving out of the way, hey if the roles were reversed, I'd want him to get the hell out of my way.

  14. ...yeah but they all get stuck in the snow...
    Give me a Landrover anyday!

  15. I'll have you in mind. Part of the deal is wearing a pair of Louboutins for the ceremony.

  16. ms scarlet ~ if the gentleman in question can afford either of those cars, a Land Rover for when it gets snowy won't be an issue.

    cyberpete ~ as if I'd turn up to your wedding wearing anything less than Louboutins.

  17. How do you feel about a Chanel dress?

  18. cyberpete ~ classic works for me! Definitely. Absolutely. Yes. Yes. Yeess (in a Meg Ryan stylee)!

  19. And Tous jewellery!

    I'm very specific and hands on as it were.

  20. You could always ride your own Harley, although you should skip the red wine. And leaning back into the passenger has always been one of my favorite parts of riding.

    As far as dresses go personally I'm fond of These

  21. cyberpete ~ otherwise known as fussy? Yeah, alright then.

    karl ~ I think that dress is a bit too casual for what Cyberpete had in mind. But I would wear something like that (not in white) on the beach.

  22. It is nice Karl. I'd probably wear something like it too.

    Slap a print on it and it'll look a bit like a Pucci dress from last season

  23. cyberpete ~ I leave you to talk amongst yourselves. :-P

  24. If the Vanquish is too boring one can always "pimp" it a bit. I was told that is the actual word for it. Now you only need a minor Russian oligarch ...

  25. mago ~ wow. That definitely pimps my ride (yes, that's the right word). Pass on the Russian maffia thanks, all that blood and skulking around just isn't me.


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