Plagiarism, or Imitation is the Sincerest form of Flattery

Our recent birthday gal Savannah, has been entertaining me with Someecards. I have to say, they have the right amount of bite and sarcasm. In any case, these manage to put their finger on how I feel at the moment.

Funnily enough, none of last year's resolutions happened. Which leads on nicely to this one:
So I heartily agree with this one:

Which will more likely that not, lead to this one:
Oh dear.


  1. I'm not giving up meaningless sex. Without that a d chocolates what's left?

    You can't live on champagne alone.

  2. Do you get the Rose Bowl Parade on TV there? All of the floats are covered with live flowers or other organic material. I think you would like to see them.

    Oh Hai Pete!

  3. I'll bring a bottle, shall I?

  4. cyberpete ~ I agree we can't live on champagne alone.

    xl ~ I've never seen the Rose Bowl. Are you offering to show me a good time?

    dave ~ they'll have plenty at the pub. Fear not.

  5. Oh hai XL!

    So Roses dear, chocolate?

    I also have an emergency Moët in the fridge.

  6. i love these! re champagne - i'd rather not even think about any today...xoxoxoxo

  7. According to today's Times, increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse from once a month to once a week brings a similar level of contentment to an extra £30,000 in the annual household income.

  8. I see that your sense of humour hasn't suffered then Darling...

    Hi Pete may I have a chocky?...

    Hi Xl, One Rose is not enough?... you have to go the whole parade?

    *waves to Savvy*

    And Roses Darling... Could you let that very informative "Z" now that i'd be happy with an increase form once a year to once a month!... I'd feel like a millionaire...

  9. cyberpete ~ I'd love another chocolate thanks my dear. Let's hope we can change that 'emergency' champagne to 'celebratory'.

    savannah ~ oh bless honey. A hangover after your birthday AND the New Year is obligatory. You'll live. I have faith.

    z ~ once a month to once a week? Honey, the once a month would be 100% increase for some of us; i.e. me.

    Sorry. Zoned out there thinking of regular sex.

    princess ~ my sense of humour will be the last thing to go.

    *hands princess a box of dark chocolate truffles*

    Quite frankly honey, I don't know about you but chocolates are the closest to sex I'm getting. And you know what they say, just as good and you don't have to sleep in the wet spot.

    ...and never ever give up the meaningless.

  11. ms scarlet ~ Happy New Year to you too sweetie. And no, I'm certainly not out of the market for meaningless. In fact, 'some' would just be great. Meaningless or otherwise.


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