Out with the Old

Ladies and gentlemen, in true style, I am at home NYE. Boy and his friends have gone off, looking fabulous, for an all night party. I'll see them at some point tomorrow.

I had intended to do a lot of things. Instead I ended up at Ms Boxer's New Year party. We're partying like a Prince song and for every comment, Ms Boxer will be making a donation to a local charity of choice.

The vodka fountain is plugged in. There are games and nibbles.

Partying virtual stylee...


  1. I am enjoying the online parties.

    Not risking driving in traffic any more today.

  2. i'm enjoying the drinking, sugar! xoxoxox

  3. I'm doing the washing up.

  4. What, no nibbles, Dave?

    I'm home for the night too now. Virtual partying sounds a fine idea. Have a great night

  5. xl ~ I agree, it's a good way to spend NYE. All the fun, and as you say, not far to stagger to bed.

    savannah ~ good girl. Except your glass is empty. Let me top you up honey...

    *grabs champagne bottle and pours the birthday girl another glass*

    dave ~ good man.

    z ~ you're more than welcome to pop round Ms Boxer's. She's very hospitable. And she's borrowed MJ's houseboys to waiter.

  6. Happy New Year Roses!

    Fiddle sticks, I figured on being here 15 minutes ago.

    A Happy and Healthy new year to you and your boy!

  7. karl ~ I love your tux. Very swish. Happy New Year honey.

  8. Happy new year darling!

    I spent the night with cocktails, champagne, good food and a DVD. A typical Friday night at chateau Pete I suppose.

    Hope you are having a good one. I'm off to bed. Hope I'll be able to cure the hangover with a bucks fizz or two.

  9. cyberpete ~ I gave up after the noise from the city's fireworks died down. I just wanted to make sure 2010 really left.

    Hope the hangover isn't too bad.

  10. It's a little boring, because I don't have a proper hangover. I'm just a little tired and plan to spend the day on the sofa eating bonbons and watching the ever delectable Zachary Quinto be the psychotic brain eating villain on Heroes. It's a little vile but he is just so sexy.

  11. cyberpete ~ honey, you are never boring. Enjoy your brain eating villan. At least he's good looking.

  12. My new year's eve? Home with sick boyfriend, tummy full of lady cramps clutching a hot water bottle and "Knocked Up" on TV. NO ALCOHOL AT ALL. Not even a Snowball. I may have invented a whole new level of sad. Even I'm mystified at myself. Mainly because I sort of enjoyed it. And it WAS minus 24 C. out, only a moron wants to go out and party in that, surely...

  13. veggie ~ what can I say? I was partying on-line with a glass of Ribena. Slightly worrying that I probably had a better time than I would have done at an actual party.

    Hope your lady cramps have settled down and your man is feeling better.

    Here's to 2011!


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