'Tis the Season...

It's 7.39 am and it's still dark outside. Perhaps the sun forgot to set his alarm today? Maybe he hit snooze? Unfortunately, I can't wait for him.

I'm drinking my coffee and gathering my energy and courage.

For I am about to have 4 days of festivities. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am about to be sociable. Did I hear someone gasp? You might well. I'm not sure I'm capable of this. But I'm game, I'm willing to give it a go.

Let me give you a glimpse.

Tonight, is the Christmas Dinner for the Alternative Healthcare Practice. Fortunately, it's being held in a pub within walking distance of my home. Unfortunately, today's weather forecast is predicting the arrival of the Arctic temperatures. All plans of my going out in heels and skimpy clothing have been cancelled. I know I'll be fine once I get to the pub, but I have to survive the walk. No, I'm not suggesting I'll drop dead of cold, I'm suggesting if I make the walk in heels and icy conditions, chances are I'll end up bashing my head open after a failed triple toe-loop crossing the road.

Tomorrow night, is the Christmas Do for my Financial Services place of work. Unfortunately, that is being held in a manor now hotel, across the city. I will be driving to that, if I possibly can. Firstly, I don't know these people well enough to get drunk in front of them. I prefer to make a complete tit of myself with people I know and who will forgive me my declarations of undying love...and won't take them seriously.

Saturday night, I've been invited out with Lord Noel and Lady Jacqui. I need to pick Lord Noel's brains and any excuse to see the fabulous couple, is always a good one. I'm told we'll be hitting their local. They won't mind if I make a tit of myself, fortunately. And I get to sleep over, which is just as well. Needless to say, they have more stamina than I. Last time, I gave up all pretense and crawled into bed by 3 am.

Sunday afternoon, Dave will be calling on me. We will be availing ourselves of the delights of a very local pub.

It's all do-able people. I just need to pace myself, take things easy, line my stomach well before any alcohol. I have will power. I can have a good time without reaching for my mobile phone.

Why is my liver quaking at the thought?


  1. Save the skimpy clothing for Sunday.

  2. "heels and skimpy clothing"

    Pix. Please.

  3. dave ~ in this weather? I think not.

    xl ~ see comment to Dave.

    It ain't gonna happen people.

  4. Anonymous8:37 pm

    You make tits of yourself? That may be blue tits under these conditions.

  5. Good evening Roses,

    You're likely already out, but you could carry the heels and switch into them when you're at the pub. Anyway presence is more important than presentation and everybody else will have gone through the same weather as you have. They will understand.

    I won't mind if the pix. doesn't include skimpy dress and heels. Clothing optional is fine;) Have fun!

  6. I appreciate a man who makes jokes in a language that isn't his first one. Cheers, Mago. And have a lovely relaxing time, Roses. Save the serious boozing for Sunday, when you'll be drinking for two. Dave won't mind, especially when you declare undying love.

  7. So you didn't want to borrow my Christian Louboutin Bridget's Back! Ankle boots then?

    Have a fabulous time! I'll more than likely be working, trying to get ready for my last work day of 2010 on Tuesday

  8. dave ~ awww...

    mago ~ they would definitely be blue tits.

    karl ~ I wore my walking boots and took out my staff, which caused much hilarity.

    z ~ I don't drink much in front of Dave. It's awful for the person who doesn't drink to be confronted with the person who does. (mago is lovely, isn't he?)

    cyberpete ~ I would borrow those fabulous shoes if they were a) in my size and b) if I could have two men carry me around. I couldn't walk in them in the best of times, much less in icy conditions.


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