Note to Self:

...when whinging about how appalling the not read other peoples' blogs.

Grab a cup of coffee/tea/vodka, pull up a chair and prepare to be whinged at. You have to understand, I feel entitled to whinge about how awful the weather is at the moment. Here in Norfolk, we've had more snow and icy temperatures. It's been as low as -3.5'C, the warm day in the beginning of the week was -1.5'C. The snow from last week (and the week before) is still hanging around. The melt soon iced over, it turned the road outside mine into glass. Wednesday night, as I smoked in the garden, it started snowing again. My garden looked like it had a bad case of dandruff. I knew I was back on the bus for work the next day.

Oh boy was I glad I didn't drive it. I nearly busted my arse three times taking the wheelie bin out (and I was in walking boots). As I walked to the bus stop (bobbly hat, long coat, staff) I stopped on the corner and watched a guy in a small car, try to stop before the junction. As he kept coming towards me, I realised I really should move just in case he couldn't stop. And no he didn't. Not until he sat in the junction facing the way he travelled down. If I were him, I'd have taken my guardian angel out for a pint and a curry that night. He'd have been in severe do-do if there was any on-coming traffic at that point. He was one lucky bugger.

The day before, I felt confident to drive in. Unfortunately, the paths around work and the parking lot that separates the two buildings that house the Financial Service company were like a skating rink. And I'd forgotten my ice-skates. By the time I'd crossed over the car park a couple of times, I felt there were a panel of judges holding up score cards, marking me out of 10.

I am not enjoying this Winter. The snow and ice have got old and it's only fecking December damnit. I've got another 3 months of this...or should I say, you've got another 3 months of me whinging.

Then I read Macy's experience of the weather in Scotland, and Pearl from over the water and then I realised if I had to live with weather like that every year, it wouldn't be a question of if I immigrate, cause I'd already be sitting on a sandy beach, drinking a Carib.


  1. Build a snow-RDJ in the garden!

  2. xl ~ damn you're quick off the mark, I'd barely finished editing out my typos.

    And yes, that's a damned good idea.

  3. Don't freeze to the snowman.

  4. I hear you! I agree that it's annoying, dangerous and I'd like nothing more than for it to go away right now.

    However I've also realised that I can't change it so I've taken on another theme song. The Christmas song Let It Snow. Bring it on. We're already walking around in a porridgy slush mix of gravel, dirt, snow, ice and salt mix. What's another half meter..

    That said it appears to be raining here now. Even worse than snow

  5. I don't mind snow, but the icy roads/pavements have been getting me down, because I love walking.

  6. mago ~ I'll try not to. Besides there are laws against lewd behaviour in public.

    cyberpete ~ that sounds absolutely vile...walking around that in your good shoes. Ugh. Get some wellies.

    dave ~ crampons. Get some crampons. And a staff.

  7. I'm getting a bit fed up with it as well... when you think about it we only had nice weather from June to October... so we're cold for most of the year... grumble, grumble...

  8. No boots. Not unless they are Chanel, Balmain, YSL, Louboutin or Jimmy Choo.

    Are you paying? *winks*

  9. I was in Norwich on Thursday, there had been snow there and not here. It was very slippery in the car park - I was giving a lift to two elderly friends, one on two sticks and I was very concerned for them. Snow's fine, I can't mind proper snow, but all this packed-down ice that kept partly melting and refreezing was really horrible.

  10. ms scarlet ~ I missed most of the nice weather here this year, and I wasn't that impressed by September/October or November actually...Roll on Spring, I say.

    cyberpete ~ honey, there's no way I could afford to keep you in shoes. If I could, I would...

    z ~ the amount of people who've fallen over this cold snap is worrying. A friend of Boy's buggered over and gave herself a nasty knock to the head. I dread to think of the elderly trying to negotiate the paths and roads.

  11. I'll just go to bed and dream of it.

    Mmmmmmm Louboutin, Choo, Manolo and D&G


  12. Good evening Roses,

    It's pretty early in the season. Yet I have to admit, a location where the dress of the day is a swimsuit, flip flops and suntan oil. Is looking mighty appealing.

  13. cyberpete ~ sweet dreams.

    karl ~ I say we should put together a blogging commune in a small tropical island. We could migrate for the winter then.

  14. Im with you! My job involves traffic and pedestrians. No one is making any allowance for the fact that the driver may want to stop but the wheels have other ideas!

    It's all very pretty when it first snows and I dont mind wandering about in a blizzard but it's two days later when it's treacherous underfoot and stays that way for a week. All around are people wearing casts for various fractures.

    Im with you, if this is the shape of things to come, Im moving somewhere that doesnt get snow.

  15. ms cake ~ I vote we set up a bloggers commune on a tropical island somewhere and migrate.

  16. Don't you have family in Trinidad? Do they have any dockage? I've been thinking of moving my sailboat somewhere warm. We could use it as a base of operations. 44 feet sleeps 6, 10 if they really wanna get cozy. It would take me about 3 weeks to get there, maybe 4 the way the weather's been this year.

  17. karl ~ I will find you a dock. I promise I will wash regularly, so being cosy won't be a problem.


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