One Down

I wonder why it is, when they predict the weather, they only get the crap forecasts right?

It rained pretty much all day yesterday, and then around 4 pm the temperature dropped. The rain turned lumpy and all that lovely water on the roads and pavements froze.

Given my luck, I knew I was in my walking boots, just as well really. Walking through fresh snow is a doddle. I did get quite a few funny looks when I got to the pub: woolly hat, long coat, boots and staff. Hey, I didn't fall over. I had a great time. I don't think I embarrassed myself. No declarations of undying love, no inappropriate affection. Though I think I did go on a bit about a hideous phonecall about an elderly client and the problems with her corns. After a conversation with a couple of smokers from another office party: two people from their team, well in their cups disappeared together. I went back to our table and complained. There's not even a sniff of any romantic work scandal going on. No salacious goings on, going on. Humpf.

All in all, it was a very pleasant evening. I do like the people I work with and for.

The walk home was not fun. The pavements were glass. But I made it home in one piece. I did laugh when we came across a group of people sliding in the road (they were doing it on purpose). They can't have been more than 20 years old in t-shirts and canvas shoes. One guy slid about 20 feet with a can of beer in his hand.  I was impressed, he didn't spill a drop.

Tonight, I've decided to go by taxi. I was hoping to drive, but I really don't like the look of the roads this morning. It also means I can have a drink or two. Tonight, is a 'best foot forward' event. I will be in full evening attire, complete with heels. I like dressing up and being a girlie. Everyone else will bring their husbands/partners etc. I think there are only 3 of us single people in the whole company. And no, there's no salacious goings on either. Ah well.

I have a favour to ask: please say a prayer to whichever deity you worship, I don't fall over.


  1. OK.

    Perhaps you'd better start some salacious goings-on yourself then.

  2. take pictures, sugar! *sending positive vibes across the pond* xoxoxoxo

  3. Also include the woolly hat, long coat, boots, staff and tell them you are attending as Gandalf!

    @ Savannah: Roses got all huffy when I asked for pix last post. Just saying.

  4. Good evening Roses,

    The taxi is a very sensible choice. If must wear high heels you should only do it on flat stable ground. And there's nothing sexy about a cracked skull or a twisted ankle.

  5. dave ~ I did try, but there were no takers.

    savannah ~ thanks honey. No, sorry no pix, I was rushing around getting ready and there was no one to take any.

    xl ~ I left the boots, hat and staff at home. They just don't go with evening wear.

    I did not get huffy!

    karl ~ I'm so pleased, I didn't end up on my arse. Mind you, it's not like I went any great distance in my heels.


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