The Party Season

As I sit here blogging this morning, the roof-tops are hidden under a couple of inches of snow, my garden is all white and I'm cosy and warm.

Yesterday, I spent preparing slowly for the night ahead. I took my preparations at a leisurely pace. I did my nails while watching Criminal Minds. I timed my preparations with military precision. Down to when I ran my bath, getting my clothes laid out on the bed, laying out the make-up to put on. My timing was impeccable. I had two minutes after I was ready before the taxi arrived. And that's when the fun began.

I had a smoke in the garden an hour before hand. There was only the sprinkling of snow from the night before. When I poked my head out the front door to see if the taxi was there, there was two inches. In that hour, the arctic conditions hit. My taxi driver, a real sweetheart, said the taxi firm were suspending service from 8 pm. The drivers were not risking going out and about. I had booked that morning, and I got him to call into base to confirm that they would be able to pick me up again. As I told the driver, I had come unprepared for an overnight stay. No toothbrush, no clean undies. He laughed. They gave me instructions to ring in at 11 pm to check they were still running. They assured me they would honour the booking. Yes, I did have my credit card, I could have booked a room for the night. But frankly, I was craving my bed. Plus, having breakfast in full evening gear in a hotel dining room the morning after, seems a bit sleazy, especially if there was nothing to feel sleazy about.

Given the twenty minute journey took forty-five minutes, and I was technically late, I was pleased to see there were only a few others already there. My Financial Services company knows how to throw a good party, let me tell you. I was greeted with champagne at the door, the room was fantastic. I'm really pleased I made the effort. People took the 'black tie' seriously, and dressed up to the nines. Everyone looked fantastic. I think their hiring policy must be biased to the attractive.

There are about 50+ people who work in the company. One of the people I work for keeps telling me he's in his 70s and I'm still waiting for proof. Until I see it in black and white, I'm sticking to my guns that he's in his late 50s. The youngest member of staff is 16. I'm still getting used to the very corporate environment, but it has such heart. I never expected the kindness I've found there. People genuinely care, from the top down. The directors lead by example. Anyway, if I was looking for office romance, I won't be finding it there. I think there are only 3 other single people there and the rest seem genuinely happy in coupledom.

The evening went according to plan. Though, I would have happily strangled the DJ, who seemed to have borrowed the Christmas CDs from my department store. Yes, Slade still makes me grind my teeth. Secret Santa was a success. The person who ended up with my gift was actually sitting on my table. His wife eyed up the bottle of Cava with approval, so I am imagining them sharing that over the season. I'm hoping in big bubble bath, surrounded by candles. What can I say? I'm a romantic. I got a fabulous pamper set from the Body Shop. I can't wait to use the goodies. No, I haven't found out who bought that for me. I will make enquiries on Thursday. They definitely need a hug.

We were all given £25 vouchers for the three casino tables set up in the corner. Roulette, black jack and poker. The person with the most amount of money at the end of the night could win a 7 night holiday. By that point, I was fading. I rang the taxi firm and they agreed to come pick me up early. It was good being out and glammed up, but in truth, I'd had enough. I wanted my bed.

When I left, the DJ had changed to playing good dance music and the admin girls were shaking their funky stuff on the dance floor. The taxi driver spent the journey whinging about clients and the road conditions.

We did not end up going round any roundabouts sideways, or stopping abruptly in the back of someone else's car. Nor did I end up on my arse in my heels. So, thank you for your prayers on my behalf. Unfortunately, there's more bad weather forecast, which means tonight's shenanigans has to be postponed. I'm just not happy taking my car out in this. I know I'm a wimp, but I'd really rather not.

Tonight, I will therefore be tucked up cosy and warm at home. I may just celebrate being cosy and warm with a handy bottle of cider or glass of wine.


  1. I will still be in Norwich tomorrow, but leaving quite early (by 8.30) so a heads up as to whether your road is passable would be handy (I'll park at the church otherwise).

    Looks like you'll have to have all your weekend fun on Sunday then.

  2. A lot of snow fell down here and it's on the roads. If I do not really need to go driving ... The sky is actually crystall clear and wonderful sunlight is there - maybe I go for a walk.

  3. dave ~ I suggest, we take a rain-check honey. The roads round mine are a nightmare. The snow has compacted down to sheet ice and they don't grit them. I would not recommend parking at the church. That corner has seen some 'interesting' encounters.

  4. mago ~ you snuck in there! If I really needed something, I'd go out in it. As it is, I'm happy pottering round my home. Warm and cosy. That's me.

  5. *sits in corner, sobbing uncontrollably*

  6. *hands Dave a tissue*

  7. Now that sounds like what an office Xmas party should be. And a nice present, too!

  8. xl ~ admittedly, RDJ would have been the perfect addition to that XMas party. But, I still had a good time.

  9. My friend Mary and I ducked out of our lunch date on Friday. Unless you have to go out, better to stay at home. I'm going nowhere for the foreseeable.

  10. We are actually having a very cold night, well 10 below 0 Celsius and more. To my horror I saw on a whether page that we will have rising temperatures and Rain in the coming days! The icy desaster is programmed.

  11. z ~ given that both you and Dave are on my 'want to see' list, it's a bit poo, all this snow. But I really, really don't want to risk it.

    mago ~ I can't think of anything worse. Be very careful when you go out lovely. No ice skating.

  12. It's -9C here. Being inside in the comfort of your home snuggled up with pillows and duvets it doesn't really matter. Honestly I've come to appreciate the snow and wish we'd get a lot more. We have around an inch here.

    Your office party sounds amazing. I wish ours was that glam.

  13. cyberpete ~ let me send you some of ours. You're more than welcome.

    Do you have a tux?

  14. Please, just let it be before Friday. Otherwise I'm not interested.

    No, I don't own a tux. I've never needed one. Although I can tell I do now if we are to go out.

  15. cyberpete ~ I'll send it right over.

    I don't believe this you don't have a tux either. *sigh*

  16. I miss the days of formal parties, everyone all dolled up. Such a treat and I bet you looked stunning Roses.


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