Wednesday, December 08, 2010

MCW: Best Detective Movie

Inside Man, I suspect the pedantic will argue is more Thriller than Cop Movie. However, it's about a couple of hostage negotiators, the fabulous Denzel and Chiwetel, trying to save hostages in a bank from Clive and having to deal with the shark-like Jodie along the way.

It has a fabulous cast, the dialogue is sharp, you know there's a twist in the tale and you can't wait for the reveal. Plus, the music is fantastic.

It's one of my favourite rainy-day movies.


  1. Anonymous11:52 am

    It sounds very interesting - I never have heared about it. Maybe I lost a bit of track of thrillers ...

  2. Hey, this looks good! Not sure why I haven't seen it because I've been trying to get Clive Owen to return my phone calls for years. Oh well, something to look for!

    Happy Movie Clip Wednesdays!

  3. Good morning Roses,

    I've never heard of this movie, it looks a good one to watch.

    Happy clip day!

  4. Roses you lovely thing, this looks great. I don't know that I've even heard of it. Between XM radio and DVRing almost everything I watch, I'm don't hear/see a lot of commercials.

    Thanks for stopping by and happy MCW.

  5. mago ~ it's brilliant. If you can, go find and watch it.

    moi ~ he's not rung you back?! Bastard. Doesn't he know what he's missing?

    karl ~ I'm biased, I watch it again and again.

    mrm ~ flatter me baby, it'll get you everywhere. I definitely recommend it. Try and fit it into your schedule, let me know what you think when you do.

  6. I like Inside Man!

    I also like the 48hrs and Beverly Hills Cop and Kindergarten Cop.

  7. sorry i'm late... Nice choice I did like this a lot tho. Good lookin mens and all that!

  8. It looks like you stumped everyone wiith this movie. I've never heard of it either. And with an all-star cast no less. The theme was police/detective movies, so I think you're good on that count.

    Happy MCW!

  9. cyberpete ~ it's a hotty movie for sure. I'm glad that at least someone else has seen it. I was beginning to wonder.

    princess ~ you saw it? Awesome. Glad you liked it too.

    buzz kill ~ I'm a bit surprised, given it's got such a great cast and directed by Spike Lee, I'd have thought loads of people would have seen it. Ah well. At least I've escaped the blog jinx.


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