Summer Solstice

Blessings to you on this Summer Solstice.

May the Sun shine upon you and those you love, filling your life with warmth and light throughout the summer and coming days.

We're off to the beach to celebrate, Norwich Chant Collective stylee. There will be wine, fabulous people and song. I don't know about you, but Life seems hard going at the moment. I'm looking forward to just chilling out and being with the people I love.

I hope whatever your religious persuasion, you also feel the Sun shining on you.


  1. And also to you.

  2. Will you do the chant version of "Hev Yew Got a Loit Boy?" ?

    It's very post modern you know.

  3. dave ~ thank you honey.

    rog ~ good suggestion, I'll let you know how the pagan, chant re-mix turns out.

  4. Hmm. New template. 60's wallpaper. Are we sure we want to be going there?

  5. z ~ quite.

    mago ~ no, not really.

    dave ~ are you sure?

  6. Not? I need lessons in style. Seriously.
    Would you give me some? I read Leah's account on the 80s over at "Weather in the Streets" and recognized some things, I know how to dress at various situations and events, but have no clue what's "edel" today.

  7. Will you be doing any Druid celebrations?

  8. mago ~ I don't have a clue what's fashionable either. I just go with what I like and what's comfortable. I suppose I could always come over and go through your wardrobe...

    xl ~ I'm not a Druid honey, they're a Pagan of a different flavour. Don't do much sacrificing of anything. The way this week has been going though, that may well be subject to change.


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