Life Keeps on a-Kicking

'They' said collective action no longer works. 'They' said people are hip deep in apathy and don't care any more. 'They' were wrong. Thanks to people like Eros and Mago who organised the absolute displeasure caused by the deletion of Infomaniac, MJ is now back and rocking like the fabulous bitch she is. There are still technical difficulties, old comments have disappeared and new comments seem to be going the same way. Eros has started another thread in the Google Help forum to try and resolve this issue, so please people make some noise.

After Infomaniac was restored to us, I looked forward to Filthy Friday this morning. Normal blogging service has been resumed, I thought seeing the naked conga line. And then I saw the post had been dedicated to KAZ. Kaz as you know has been MIA for some time and we've been very worried about her. Rightly, as it turns out. She is currently battling ovarian cancer.

I won't go into my love of the blogging community, cause if you haven't picked up on it by now, well, you're in need of a brain cell or two. Kaz was one of the first people to comment on my blog, nearly 4 years ago. She's been a fabulous friend, always ready with her razor sharp wit and fine sense of humour and has stuck with me through thick and thin.

Funny thing Life. I just had a look back through my stats and then I saw that today is my fourth blogging anniversary. Good grief. 523 posts, not including this one. Fuck.


  1. Ups and downs, eh? Still, happy blogday.

  2. congratulations, sugar! i'm so glad we've met! xoxoxoxo

  3. dave ~ Yep. Up and down like a whore's drawers, as The Director is known to say.

    savannah ~ thank you honey. Me too. I'm so very blessed with my friendships. You guys rock! xx

  4. Congratulations Roses.
    in comparison I'm still in nappies...
    I'm just glad that other kindred souls can meet,support each other and go into battle when called on..
    I'm very fortunate to have found such wonderful folk out there in blogland!

  5. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Fuck indeed! Tallyho!

  6. Is that Trinidad Chicken cooking in the kitchen?

  7. princess ~ it would be a very lonely world otherwise.

    anon ~ exactly.

    xl ~ not at the minute honey. Might do some next week. I'll let you know when.

  8. Happy blogday.
    Its so mean. Sorry.

  9. mago ~ thanks. Yes it is.

  10. kaz may be down but she's getting her twitter friends together - been reading about MJ losing her blog - I lost my ATW support blog - suspects believe it was because it mainly consisted of links but anyone looking at could see it wasn't any kind of linkfarm or splog - got it back after giving them my mobile phone number - I rarely use my mobile for phoning - did another in the meantime and have now got 3 of them but have re-organised how I update ATW - enough blether.

  11. atw ~ welcome. Yes, Kaz may be down, but she's not out yet. Sorry to hear you've also been a victim of Google bots. Technology eh? So much for making our lives simpler.


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