The World's Most Boring Ad

This has got to be the World's Most Boring Ad. I feel my brain shutting down every time it comes on. I'm left to speculate whether this actress was directed to look as if the last time she had Earth Shattering Sex, was half way through the last century or whether she's like that normally.

Can you imagine a director saying 'No love, there's too much animation in your expression. I want you to think of your tax return as you read the autocue.'

If she's that way normally, he'll be saying 'Think of having sex with your husband.'

Also, do these people actually read the scripts? Do they understand what they're saying? "Pure gold lead finish." What does that mean? Alchemists have been trying to turn lead into gold for centuries with no success (apart from getting high on the fumes). It's either gold or lead. I suspect what they mean is some child in a developing country, getting high on the paint fumes, brushed the out dated coin with goldesque paint.

Reminds me of 'genuine faux pearls' as seen on American TV in the 80s. Nasty strings of transluscent beads for the gullible.

Not only are we being bored to death, but we have to send £2.50 (postage and packaging) for a tacky gold painted coin originally worth £0.01. Barnham was right, horrifyingly.


  1. The 1d wasn't worth 1p - so not £0.01.

    Under a half p, actually. We used to have 240 of those proper pennies to the pound.

    Ah, the good old days.

  2. You, of course, are too young to remember them.

  3. The coin itself is free! Rule Britannia!

  4. You're right, it is amazingly boring! Presumably someone's making a mint out of it though or they wouldn't advertise on the telly? (Please excuse the absolutely appalling pun btw).

  5. dave ~ I stand corrected. You are of course right. And I wasn't it Britain when it was legal tender.

    xl ~ ye-es. You'll be ordering your coin right away then.

    claire ~ it's awful (like your pun) isn't it? I think they make the money out of the P&P. How they pay for the ads, who can say. Probably a money laundering scam.

  6. You are not quite right - she moved her eybrow in the last two or three seconds!

    Isn't that great: Grab old pennies, paint them with the some gold bronze and sell it!

  7. mago ~ it's a scam for sure. I think her mouth twitched upwards as well towards the end of the clip.


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