Frantic Friday

I've had a bit of a busy time. I was going to fill you in yesterday, but with the kerfuffle with Blogger kidnapping MJ's blog Infomaniac, I rolled my sleeves up and threw myself into that melee. Actually, in a way there is a theme that runs through: the blogging community.

I trooped down to Yagnub to meet Z. We'd first clapped eyes on each other at a blog I no longer visit and then we started bumping into each other at Roger's place and then over at Dave's. We met in a lovely cafe. I did my trick of writing down the instructions of how to find said cafe on a slip of paper, which I promptly left next to my lap top. Along with Z's mobile number. Muppet, me? Oh yeah.

It's odd meeting someone for the first time, when you've been privy to their everyday activity, their family and their ups and downs. I didn't know the face, but I knew the soul. After we'd eaten Dilly and the Sage dropped in. Perhaps they were worried I was a serial killer? Hah, if only they knew I'm far more warped than that. Again, I'd heard so much about them, being with them was so easy, it was the meeting of friends. Z kindly took me back to inspect the Great Wall of Norfolk. Z did not appear to think it odd that I greeted her herbs and talked to her vegetables. It was a fabulous afternoon. I would have liked to have stayed longer but I had to hot foot it back home to prepare for a Summer Ball.

Lord Noel and Lady Jacqui made the mistake of inviting me to visit their manor for a spot of dinner. Thursday night, they rang and asked if I'd like to go to the local Summer Ball. Hell yes. As you've probably guessed, I'll turn up to the opening of an envelope. Any excuse to get my glad rags on, and I'm so there.

My first Ball was fun. Yes, you read right. I was a Ball virgin. I have to say, it wasn't quite what I expected. It was held in the ballroom of the local hotel and was...interesting. We invited ourselves to sit at a table and after awhile the three of us looked at each other and said 'we've gatecrashed a wedding'. It was exactly like that. Down to a woman dressed in cream, definitely from the Monsoon bridal collection. There were a few downright fashion disasters. Ladies, please, first rule of dressing up, black dress, black undies. The white bra strap is a no-no. The live band was of a good standard though their play list was a bit...ecclectic to say the least. They played a very decent version of Muses' Knights of Cydonia, immediately followed by Tom Jones' Delilah. I danced, drank and was very merry. Fortunately, I was offered B&B, I think I crawled off to bed at about 3 am. Hence my absence from the Interweb on Saturday. Just a bit fragile. Just a bit.

It's all about community. Whether virtual or physical, it doesn't matter. Don't let the people you care about wonder about your feelings. Roll your sleeves up and participate. These are the things that make my life worthwhile. Being part of something outside of yourself, brings meaning. It's all about the meaning for me.


  1. Know what you mean about meeting other bloggers.

    Had a fantastic vacation in Oz last December seeing the sights. But the very best part was meeting some of my bloggy friends who live in the Melbourne and Adelaide areas. I had known each for several years online. As expected, they were very much like what I had expected.

    I think one can have real friends on the Internet.

  2. in the moment, sugar! well done! xoxoxo

  3. The first time I met Z someone (I think it was Dilly) rang to check she was OK. They obviously believe all bloggers are serial killers.

  4. Roll your sleeves up and participate. Hell, yes. I like that so much I've (with no relevance at all to the post) just called today's post that.

    I had to really think whether I meant relevance or revelance. Couldn't remember what the word was. Heh.

    The family approved, by the way. You made a hit.

  5. (ps - they like Dave too, so make of that what you will)

  6. xl ~ it's good isn't it? Whether we meet up at Infomaniac or in the cafe down the road.

    The connections are there and they hold.

    savannah ~ I'm learning. It's hard though. But, with so many fabulous people around, all becomes possible.

    dave ~ they were right to worry about you. I'm just a pussy cat.

    z ~ I had such a great time. You and your family are as fabulous IRL as in your blog.

    Well, don't tell him, but I am rather fond of him as well.

  7. I didn't read the last thing you wrote, sweetie, don't worry.

  8. dave ~ LOL. You're very chipper this morning. Must have been the raspberry jam.

  9. I had apricot jam, actually. I'm saving the raspberry for you.

  10. I have cold beer now.

  11. mago ~ enjoy. I drink cider now, beer makes me bloated. Don't worry though, I'll buy plenty of it when I know you'll be coming to teach German to the kids.

  12. dave ~ sorry, I thought I'd replied to you. I like apricot jam on my toast.

  13. "Our German teacher, Mr. Mago, carried an enormous belly and always smelled a bit of beer and tabacco." Oh no!

  14. You Norfolk bloggers sound like you should hold your own ball.
    That somehow sounds wrong. Perhaps it is my mind that is wrong.

  15. mago ~ where are you carrying the belly too?

    ms scarlet ~ I was recently told by Mr Energetic that I have a potty mind. I'm going to have to introduce you two, he'll see I'm as sweet and as innocent as I say I am.



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