It seems that someone over at Blogger/Google has been eating too much moral fibre.

My day started off with the news that MJ, over at Infomaniac has been abducted. Her blog and comments are no more. Before one could read her blog, one had to click the Adult Content warning. It was clearly marked. MJ was shepherd to a remarkable bunch of people from all over the world, all walks of life and she welcomed all expressions of sexuality.

Yes, there was adult content. Filthy Friday was well named. But it was consenting adults and quite frankly in terms of sexually explicit material, it was actually quite light.

That was bad enough.

Now it seems another blog has been removed. I had just started to visit Leni Quinan. I found her through mago.

As I'm a novice reader, I scratch my head trying to think of anything offensive or even mildly irritating over at Leni's. That's not the point.

The Adult Content warning is enough. What happens when adults play, is really up to them. Yes, this material is available to all. But you know what? There is much worse out there. Much worse. MJ neither endorsed nor supported sex relating to minors or non-consensual sex.

Freedom of expression is one of the joys of the internet. The opportunity to express yourself, as much or as little as you want. To be able to explore fantasies, hang out with friends, have virtual parties, it harms none. The censorship of these blogs does not protect the vulnerable. It is an attempt to make the blogging community Magnolia. I for one will not have it. Life is a rainbow and blogging should reflect it.


  1. I'm just finding about Leni being whacked too.

    This all makes me sick.

  2. xl ~ this seems to be part of a trend. Ute said another blog she reads called 'Guess my Muff' has also been disappeared.

    It seems the Men in Black are begining to bang on our virtual doors in the middle of the night.

  3. Hi Roses,

    Leni is back up with an explanation over at Mago's, just after i'd posted at mine.

    Oh hi Xl.. I'm outraged by all this. Read Leni's explanation it is very interesting...

  4. princess ~ thanks for the update. I'm still scratching my head about this situation.

    Infomaniac had the Adult Content warning, there were no commercials, it didn't breach any of the Terms and Conditions. I think someone in Blogger just got up themselves.

  5. Whatto! I'm afraid it's the price we all pay for allowing Google to be our purveyor of blogs.....they have both hands on the steering wheel while we are just allowed to press the pedals! (Soory I've just finished watching the Formula One!)
    Lord Noel

  6. Lord Noel ~ I don't think it's good enough. As users, we have a right to expression when the Adult Content warnings are plain and the blogs concerned aren't spreading messages of hate.


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