Meme, Meme, Meeeeme

More internet thievery, this time from Z.

1. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes. Have had a few weird encounters, one of which led me to the spiritual path I currently walk upon.

2. Are you content with your life? Yes actually. I am exactly where I need to be, doing exactly what I need to be getting on with. Mr Right is obviously running a bit late, but I'm not waiting for him to have a fantastic time.

3. Have you ever been close to point blank? Yes. Twice in my life. The edge is a scary place, but not as scary as the Abyss. I'm happy that I managed to pull myself back and the sun shines in my reality.

4. Is philosophy necessary? Absolutely. I'm always interested in reading about how other people make sense of Life, the Universe and Everything. I may not agree, but food for thought helps the brain to grow.

5. Do you live with books? Totally. I've got 5 shelves of books, some of which are doubled up. My dream is to have a big enough room to call a library.

6. Have you ever been on stage? In primary school. A non-event.

7. Do you regularly read a printed newspaper? No. I tend to get my news delivered virtually. I don't know why I prefer it, I just do.

8. Are you afraid of the future? Nope. I believe the future is constructed in the present. I have plans, Plans and dreams. I'm content today, which bodes well for tomorrow. Tomorrow might be shite, Life might knock me down and deliver a good kicking, but so what? I'll just get up again.

9. Do you know yourself? It's taken me a good 40 years to sort out the impact of other people's shit. The process has been painful and illuminating. One of the things I have come to realise about myself is that I am all about Authenticity and Meaning. I recognise my many faults, but ultimately, I am learning to be compassionate with myself which has lead to a sense of deep contentment.

10. Will you play on? Oh yeah, I like spreading the joy.

I nominate Princess, Mid-Wife Crisis, Savannah, Boxer and Dave (just cause he'll hate it).


  1. Excellent, thank you. I forgot to say, that you're supposed to come up with ten questions of your own to pass on, but it doesn't matter, your choice whether to use Mago's again.

  2. I will try not to steal your excellent answers as I am working on this same assignment from Mr Mago!

  3. who says you never learn things on the net? ;~D great answers and a further look in to YOU!
    i'll play! thanks, sugar. xoxox

  4. z ~ see what happens when I don't read the instructions properly - chaos. D'oh!

    xl ~ oooo...can't wait to see what you put.

    savannah ~ there's always something weird and wonderful to get your head around, round 'ere.

    Yay! Look forward to see what you say.

  5. No, it was me, darling - I didn't explain.

  6. I see that Scarlet has also instructed me to do this. I shall attempt to satisfy you both when I get home.

  7. Oh Gawd - what do I have to do? This is all well outside my limited virtual knowledge - idiot-proof instructions, please! x

  8. PS And where do I have to do it? Can't do it on my blog so a bit unsure as to alternative location - HELP!

  9. z ~ ah...I always assume it's me, for the simple fact I never read instructions. But I really like Mago's questions.

    dave ~ good luck with that. You'll need it.

    mago ~ yep. :-)

    mcw ~ The idea is to write the answers in blue on blog/facebook notes and then answer the questions yourself. You can then tag/nominate 5 people to do the same. They can be serious or fun answers.

    Some people e-mail them around, but I think it clogs Inboxes that way. I like memes, they're basically harmless fun (unless you name mad constituents).

  10. At xl's they do it in the comments!

  11. Ha ha ha! Dave has got his work cut out!

  12. Very interesting answers, Roses. Especially 2. Don't wait to have a fantastic time. Just my advice. :)

  13. mago ~ xl just likes to be that little bit different.

    ms scarlet ~ Dave has risen to the occasion. Good man.

    leni q ~ I'm not the kind of person who delays gratification. I like my gratification, pleasure, fun...NOW.


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