Mudcrutch - Scare Easy (video)

I've been hitting Lastfm quite a lot recently.

Tom Petty Radio especially.

And I just love this. Really do. Enjoy.


  1. I suspect it won't be my thing.

  2. dave ~ I suspect you didn't listen to it.

  3. I suspect you may be right.

  4. I don't scare easy either!

    Funny.. I would have thought it mellow enough for Dave!

  5. dave ~ if you don't try, you won't know.

    sarah ~ I just love this. I've been listening to it ad infinitum.

  6. Hah! I have listened to it. The intro was OK, but the slightly whiney American voice of the lead singer put me off. I almost switched it off before it reached the end.

    I prefer gentle female vocalists.

  7. dave ~ why am I not surprised you didn't like it? The lead singer is Tom Petty.

  8. It's called a Riff Dave.

    Vera Lynn more your cup of tea I expect

  9. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Maybe Dave is more of a Tom-Waits-man?

  10. I suspect I won't like it either.

    How about a laugh? Go watch this

    now what's in the mixer today?

  11. sarah ~ Dave is the Secretary of the Vera Lynn Fan Club, Norfolk Chapter, don't you know?

    mago ~ I think Tom Waites would be too cheerful for Dave somehow.

    cyberpete ~ *sigh*

    Here I was thinking you lot were adventurous?

    PS. Left you a note at MJ's place.

  12. I am! Did you not watch the bossy bottom video?


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