Gonna Make Sweat ~ MCW

My contribution to Movie Clip Wednesday.

Apparently, this has been shamelessly knicked from Flushed Away.

I love it regardless.


  1. Young ladies don't sweat. They may perspire if they have to, but in general they should just glow.

  2. dave ~ thank goodness I'm not a young lady.

  3. !
    She's radiating head ...

    Those pepperonis shake it pretty good!

  4. I remember C&C music factory and the ensuing scandal because the sexpot in the Video..V-V-Velma or something, was lip synching.

    Apparently it wasn't as liabelous as Milli & Vanilli though.

    Cute Amoebas or whatever they are..Leeches? Mudskippers?

  5. mago ~ ummm...I think you meant I was radiating HEAT. Head, is something else completely and little to do with radiating. :-)

    donn ~ they're slugs. Very groovy ones at that.

  6. Who knew slugs were that A-W-E-S-O-M-E

    I love it! Is it a Snap! Track?

  7. bwahahahahahha. I love it. Sluggy dances. This is good animation, clever with humor. I'm glad you posted it. Happy MCW. ;-)

  8. cyberpete ~ I just love this, always makes me groove with it.

    boxer ~ hello lovely. Glad you like it, even though I know you're not keen on CGI. Happy MCW.

  9. Good afternoon Roses,

    Very entertaining slugs.

    Happy Clip Day

  10. I think we are ready for an Irish coffee.

    Are you buying?

  11. Sorry! Don't know what slipped in there! To my excuses I can point to the fact that it was early in the morning!

    HeaT! She gives warmth!

    Phew ...

  12. Is that slug-rap or stylised spermatazoa? Presumably it would've been knaturally knicer if it hadn't been knicked?

  13. This is reminiscent of the old California Grape commercials (Heard it through the grape vine). And they look more like worms to me. Which reminds me, I have to get a fishing licence. But I digress...

    Happy MCW!

  14. karl ~ thanks for popping by. They're pretty cool, aren't they?

    cyberpete ~ one Irish coffee coming up. I'm certainly pouring love.

    mago ~ he he he. Made me laugh. Thanks.

    cogidubnus ~ definitely slugs. You do make me smile.

    buzz kill ~ I've not seen those commercials, sound like my kind of humour. Thanks for popping by.

  15. Mmmmm thanks!

    You know, it's best if you add whiskey until it looks like a weak tea.

  16. Stirrer1:35 am

    Pssst....I see the next post's about Stevie Knicks...


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