Assuming the Position

The meal went well. Really well. Except I'm a bit fragile. Okay, more than a bit. Yes, I over-indulged. But damn it was fun.

Chicken was a definite success. I'm glad I tinkered with the marinade on Saturday. The extra ginger, chilli and coriander made all the difference. I knew my cooking was good when Boy came back from his dad, took a look in the stew pot, squeaked and filled up a plate full. A couple hours later he came down again and emptied all the pots of their contents. All I've got left is some salad and a bowl of dressing.

I'm moving slow today. A good night's sleep and I'll be raring to go again. The week is a-calling. I have things to do. Projects to catch up on. And I will....tomorrow.


  1. Congrats on a successful soirée!

    PS: What is the name of the chicken recipe?

  2. nothing better than a good meal shared, sugar! xoxoxo

  3. xl ~ thanks honey. It doesn't have a name as such, in Trinidad it's just stewed chicken.

    savannah ~ it was brilliant. I'm definitely going to do more socialising this way.

  4. mago ~ afternoon honey! xxx

  5. Oh you put me to shame! I'm such a bland unadventurous cook... but this does have something to do with my dislike of washing up...

  6. The more I hear of your boy, the more I like him!

    I have the very same appreciation of good cooking right down to the second and third helpings, However, I've just gone from 9.5 stone to just under 15 stone in only eight years....Mind you, it's the eight years from 48 years old to 56.... and it does include giving up a VERY heavy smoking habit...

    Warn him!

  7. cogidubnus ~ he is fantastic. Yes, I'm really biased. But he is.

    He's this long and lanky thing and he's eating like a horse. No fear of him becoming overweight at the moment. His metabolism is burning off calories like an out of control bush-fire.

    How are your ribs now?

  8. Ribs are a lot better now thanks...except when I roll over on them during my sleep...grrrr!

  9. cogidubnus ~ I'm hard pressed to think how you would roll over and not do so on them. But it is early and I've only had one cup of coffee.

    Glad you're on the mend, I've missed your cheerful, pervy self. I missed your random compliments.


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