New Vice

This is a 6 string baritone dulcimer played by Bradley Fish.

No, he's not my new vice, but the dulcimer is.


  1. Nice. I also like the hammered dulcimer sound.

  2. Back at my otherwise boring suburban grammar school in the late 60s/early 70s, I had a mate who single-handedly subverted the curriculum by putting about a quarter of all his sixth form educational efforts into dulcimer production in the craft his own dope-fuelled way he was an amazing player and the sounds were sublime, (moreover his instruments were superb).

    Another quarter of his efforts went into the production of various amusing explosive/incendiary substances in the sixth form chemistry labs...

    The rest of the time he was out of it...but so were so many of the rest of us that nobody seemed to notice that much...kind of silent revolutionary...

    With hindsight I was a relatively good boy and managed a few pathetic passes...some of the worst offenders (more original souls?) got outrageously good grades, and are still whooping it up in the groves of could never happen nowdays could it?

  3. xl ~ there is some fabulous footage of hammered dulcimer on YouTube. But I've lost my heart to the Apalachian duclicmers.

    cogidubnus ~ that which you have described does not sound boring. It sounds fun. And you're right such behaviour now would be swiftly sanitised.

  4. Then you would like Christina Pluhar's group. "L'Arpeggiata" "Los Impossibles".

  5. rosie ~ thanks for the info, I will certainly look her up.


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