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It was a late Sunday evening in February, when Boy came back from his dad's. I was sprawled on the couch and Boy came and sat next to me.

Our conversation started out as the one every mother dreads.

"You will still love me, won't you?" He started.

"Of course I love you." Says I with a sinking heart.

"I mean, you'll love me, whatever..." his voice trailed off.

Oh dear Goddess, thought I. Take a deep breath and face the disaster.

"I mean, you will..."

"Boy, it's late. You have school in the morning, I have to go to work. Spit it out!"

"I'm gay." He says in a small voice.

"Oh, is that all," I say, relief pouring through me. "I thought you were going to say something awful."

My Boy. My wonderful, bright Boy.

It's a feeling words do not adequately express. I am so proud of him. It has taken awhile to post about this, because it's such a personal thing. We have talked about the fluidity of sexua…

Adventures in Gardening

If my energy levels are up to it, the next few days are going to be all about the garden.

I spend about an hour yesterday fighting with the bindweed and just about filled my brown bin. I can't tell you how satisfying it was creating havoc all by myself. I'm sure the neighbours think I'm bonkers, talking to the weeds as I pulled them off and out of the garden beds. Over the weekend I made a list of the plants I want to have in there, and designing the shape of the garden. It's not going to be a neat, manicured affair. It's going to be wild and bushy, with lots of colours. I want it to smell absolutely amazing and it hopefully will attract lots of butterflies and bees.

Today, I spent a stupid amount of money in Homebase getting some decent tools. I also took the opportunity to look at the lovely bedding plants and bulbs. Come next spring, there will be such colour; I love spring bulbs so much. Tulips, daffodils, crocus, snow drops and iris. They will be growing throug…

Return to Form

I have a task to do.

Therefore, I have:

*tidied my house
*watered my plants
*been on facebook
*been on facebook
*checked out other blogs
*left comments on other blogs
*been on facebook
*checked whether anyone has replied to my comments.

Ah yes, the bitch is back!PS. Now added more links to fabulous new blogs I've found. Life is truly good.PPS. Of course I had to stop for lunch.PPPS. The sun is shining so *of course* I have to lie in it, while I can.

Suspension of Belief

I have a question regarding the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer.

Bearing in mind that I'm happy to buy into the whole Vampire thing. Bram Stoker's Dracula is my idea of soft porn. Darkly sexual, predatory and scary.

I'm also a fan of the early works of Anne Rice. Interview with a Vampire etc. Queen of the Damned is one of my favourite books, though I can happily leave the movies.

I'm a big fan of Buffy. Joss Whedon writes bloody good dialogue. Last night I spent happy hours on Wikiquote reading through the best quotes from the series.

The Vampire mythology, darkly sexual and predatory. Emotionally unavailable, sexy, strong what woman wouldn't want to try and tame and be tamed by tall, dark and handsome? Count me in. I'm there with my corset and black eye-liner.

So, if you were immortal, craved human blood, tell me...why would you want to spend your time in high school? I mean, not being funny or anything, but the worst part of reincarnation has got to be going th…

Humanity is Doomed

If you have half an hour and fancy a bloody good laugh. Have a look at this:

You Suck at Craigs List.

Craig's List, for those not in the know is an internet listing for goods, services and personals and there's pretty much one for every major city.

The Parrot Sketch

And finally...

Stephen K Amos Live At The Apollo - Part 2

Stick with it, it's great.

Reference in the middle.

Eddie Izzard talks about chiropractors

The first reference.


Make the Noise!

The stresses and strains of the last few months have taken their toll. My shoulders felt like they'd been glued round my ears, my mid back was solid and my lower back ached everytime I got out of bed. Last week I thought a massage would be a great way to relax. Yeah right. The masseur on feeling my concrete knots did her absolute best to pummel them out. I hurt all the way through the massage and for 3 days after. That told me the issue wasn't muscular, it was skeletal.

So I went to see my very dishy osteopath yesterday. What can I say? He's gorgeous, gentle...and expecting the arrival of a little osteopath in February with his long-term partner. Sigh. Anyway, we have a 10 minute catch up and then he asks me to take my top off, which I do. Voila, pretty M&S bra. He asks me to take off my belt. I say to him I wore my big pants just in case. Relieved he invites me to take my jeans off. Voila, pretty M&S Big Pants.

All professions have their 'story'. A classic …

Meme Glorious Meme

Having a low time. Rather than go on and on and on about it. Have another meme:

Three Things:

Three names I go by (besides given name):
Oi! Bitch!

Three Jobs I have had in my life:
Bar Maid
Economic Development

Three Places I have lived:
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Hunstanton, Norfolk
Fakenham, Norfolk

Three Favorite drinks (NOT IN ANY PARTICULAR ORDER):
Red Wine

Three TV Shows that I watch right now:
Star Trek (anyone that's on)
Ghost Whisperer

Three places I have been:
Dublin, Ireland
Vancouver, Canada

People that call me regularly:
The Tax Office
The Bank
The Director

Three of my favorite foods:
Dark Chocolate
Cheese on anything

Three Things I am looking forward to:
Lammas Supper
Hypnotherapists Appointment

Three Things that are always by your side:
MP3 Player
Car Keys

So there. Feel free to emulate. Let me know in the comments section if you do.