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I have a task to do.

Therefore, I have:

*tidied my house
*watered my plants
*been on facebook
*been on facebook
*checked out other blogs
*left comments on other blogs
*been on facebook
*checked whether anyone has replied to my comments.

Ah yes, the bitch is back!

PS. Now added more links to fabulous new blogs I've found. Life is truly good.

PPS. Of course I had to stop for lunch.

PPPS. The sun is shining so *of course* I have to lie in it, while I can.


  1. I'm also superb at this type of procrastination, but I have been very good today.

  2. Lol.. Im covered in paint! looking at a bomb site (that used to resemble my house) and sitting here reading your blogs instead of doing
    Count me in for the procrastination day..
    Isnt the weather lovely? I think i'll go sit in the garden now too and grab a cuppa.

  3. ms scarlet ~ I thought you were 'good' every day? I try to turn procrastination into an art form, or I would, if I ever got round to it.

    b*e*g ~ you have way too much energy to procrastinate. If you're covered in paint, in the midst of doing your kitchen, other people call it 'taking a break'.

  4. So what did I do today?

    Got up.
    Had six cups of coffee.
    Went online for a bit.
    Thought about doing the gardening.
    Watched my daughter watching a Japanese TV soap for an hour.
    Fell asleep while thinking about doing the gardening.
    Had several more cups of coffee.
    Went and did my workout for an hour and a half.
    Got dragged out by my daughter for a half hour run with her, again.
    Thought about doing the gardening.
    Went to the shops instead.
    Thought about doing the gardening.
    Did the washing instead.
    Thought about doing the gardening.
    Played on the computer instead.
    And here I am.

  5. lol.. And here we all are online blogging again!
    The suns coming again tomorrow so i'll use the excuse 'its too hot to work today' and enjoy a day without the paint..
    I hate decorating tonight!

  6. ginro ~ I'm trying to work out the part where you're procrastinating, when you've just completed an hour and a half workout and gone for a run with your daughter.

    You do get points for thinking about the gardening and doing other chores instead. Good form.

    b*e*g ~ sun's up and shining baby! I am so going to be out in it again. Ah, that's a point, I'd better put my bikini out in the sun to dry. I washed it last night...

  7. I guess that the exercise etc was avoidance of the gardening, which is pretty much procrastination, lol.

    I get five stars for procrastinating today though! I got absolutely nothing done at all!

  8. ginro ~ I'm sorry but as exercise is exertion, it does not come under procrastination. Nice try though. Well done on your 5 stars today.

    I did start the day attacking bindweed, brambles and dandylions and unfortunately have the war wounds to show for it.

    Perhaps I'll celebrate by lying outside if there is any sunshine to be found.

  9. I've still not done the gardening. I don't like gardening. Could you come and do it for me, lol?

  10. ginro ~ depends what needs doing. I don't mow. But will happily weed and prune. Which part of the country are you?

  11. Actually I would have loved it if you could, lol. But I live way too far away up in Manchester, and I'm not allowed to drive so I can't even come and get you.

  12. ginro ~ that's a shame then. Not to worry. Ah well, we can continue to procrastinate together.

  13. Well I'll settle for that in the meantime, lol.

  14. ginro ~ sounds good.


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