Party Hearty

After an amazingly crap start to the week. I've decided to throw an impromptu party to celebrate the end of the week. Therefore, I am throwing open the doors of Palais de Roses for a virtual party.

I've got lots of red wine and some white wine for KAZ and mago, twigglets for Ms Scarlet, vodka for Ms Boxer and some red velvet for Hottie. There are bowls of mixed olives and posh crisps. And I've got several party CDs ready to go.

What are you going to wear? Will you bring a bottle? Will you bring a partner?

So, who's going to be the first one to dance on my kitchen table then?
You will come...won't you?


  1. my favorite party outfit, sugar! black top, black skirt, black tights and lots of loud jewelery! i'll bring the local drink of choice: jim beam and coke! AND, i'm bringing the MITM because y'all will absolutely adore him! xoxoxox

    p.s. i've stopped dancing on tables! ;~D

  2. I'll have a virtual panic attack. No, wait. I'll have one of those drinks with the fruit slice and little paper umbrella instead.

  3. savannah ~ you look fabulous! I'll put your coats upstairs in Boy's room. Let me pour you, your drinks of choice. How could we not adore MITM? He's just potty about you.

    xl ~ come on honey, don't hide under the table, despite Savannah's words, we don't believe her. I'm hoping Cyberpete will turn up to make cocktails. In the meantime have a fruity drink mix with a strong dash of rum. I'll send Boy to get a paper brolly for you.

    It's only us at the moment, so come talk to me in the kitchen. I have an urge for cheese and pineapple and onion squares.

  4. How odd. I couldn't get here first thing, as blogger had broken, so posted on Facebook: 'I don't know about dancing on the table. I may be hiding under it. I'm not really a party animal.'

    I now find there's no room under the table for me, my silver sequinned jacket and velvet flares, as xl is already there.


  5. ...Any biscuits?

  6. You tease. You knew if you mentioned Red Velvet I'd be there!!! I'll bring s0me yummy nibbles (Waitrose ofcourse). As for my +1 hmmm so many men to choose from. I'll let you know. As for attire, you do slinky and sexy far better than I but I'm sure I could give it a go. xxx

  7. How about a cocktail?
    Dave could have a mocktail and I hear Scarlet likes a Moscow Mule.
    I'll stay in the kitchen with the shy boys.
    They're always the nicest.

  8. Yay! More people have turned up. Phew. I always panic no-one is going to come.

    dave ~ you look...sparkely. Have a rum punch, without the rum. Boy got paper umbrellas. I'm sure I've got a bottle of cherries round here somewhere.

    Come talk to xl and be a love, pass round the twigglets.

    ing ~ I'm afraid there are only two packets of chocolate hobnobs and you have to share.

    hottie ~ you do flouncey skirt and peasant blouse sooo well. Have a glass or two of red velvet and let me put out the Waitrose nibbles.

    kaz ~ I'll nip upstairs to get the cocktail recipe book. Can you shoo Dave and XL out from under the table again?

  9. err can l fall into the party late please!! l was at work all night sleep all day and just joined in ... **sighs** story of my life missed again :-(

  10. A rum punch without the rum is presumably a punch. I'm not sure I like the sound of this party.

  11. vetnurse ~ welcome! I'm glad you made it. The party's just getting started honey. What would you like to drink?

    dave ~ are we being difficult? You tell me you don't drink...I make you nice drinkies without naughtiness and you no like...there's no pleasing some people.

  12. Of course I'll come. I'm late though, as usual!

    I'll bring rose prosecco though, because its fab and everyone loves a bit of fizz, don't they?

    I have no idea what I'll wear as I'm permanently in a state of fashion crisis so I guess I rely on my old faithl £15-out-of-topshop-about-10-years-ago backless black dress and some heels.

    You're a fabulous hostess by the way...I'll definitely come back!


  13. I'm virtually there (late as usual)... any real ale left? If not I'll settle for a large brandy (week I've had, it'd better be a VERY large one!)...

  14. I thought you were going to punch me, not give me a drink. I'll have a Pepsi Max, thanks. Don't worry, I'll bring my own bottle.

  15. beth ~ lovely to see you here. You look fabulous as ever. I'd love a glass of pink fizz.

    cogidubnus ~ one large glass of brandy coming up.

    dave ~ I'm not that kind of girl. This isn't that kind of party.

  16. Hello, I am a bit late - in the grabs of nightshift, so sorry, no drinks for me. I'll have a look Monday morning when I'm done, litterally ...

  17. Has the party finished yet? Do you need a hand with the washing up?

  18. mago ~ pop in again when you're at the end of your shifts. I'll make you a cuppa.

    dave ~ you're a star. If you could collect the glasses and plates, I'll wash. God can dry the dishes.

  19. PS Who's asleep under the table, cuddled up to that bottle of wine?

    All I can see is a lump of clothes.

  20. That must be usually is...

  21. cogidubnus ~ as penance for sleeping under the table, you get to hoover. Come along. Get cracking. By the way, there are some spare toothbrushes in the cupboard in the utility room.

  22. I'm going past the bottle bank tomorrow - shall I take away the empties for you? I think there's enough room in my car (good thing I didn't buy the sports car).

  23. dave ~ you're a star.


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