The Aftermath

As I sit here in Palais de Roses, I'm quite pleased. I think the virtual party went quite well.

I've managed to clear up with the help of Cogidubnus and Dave. Hottie managed to make sure everyone went home in the right clothes with the partner they arrived with. I have vague memories of Savannah and her MITM dancing on top of the kitchen table. Don't worry loves, I'll just sand it down again and re-lacquer it. It won't take long.

Dave was in a feisty mood and he an XL kept fighting to be under the table, which quite frankly, with Savannah and her lovely dancing on top of it, was brave. Thank the Goddess I like sturdy, proper wooden furniture.

When I next see Kaz, she and I will have words. She held court in the kitchen all night, with as many men as she could manage and now I can't find my emergency bottle of marmalade anywhere. Nor do I have a crumb of bread anywhere in the house. We won't even talk about the white wine she drank. Speaking of which, given that mago was only passing, he managed to polish off several bottles. Having a drunken foot massage is not the same my friend.

Good to see Ing drop in, I knew there was a reason for getting those chocolate hobnobs in. Beth, my dear, you looked stunning. Next time sweetie, you'll have to turn up on time, otherwise you'll never get pole position (so to speak) on the kitchen table. Not with Savannah around. Mind you, it was fun seeing you dancing with Vetnurse, she does a mean moonwalk. Considering she was knackered from her night shifts, I am impressed. If she mentions mushrooms again, I will be ill; though it was very, very funny.

I've had a brilliant time, hope you did too. I'm going to lie down now.


  1. It was the lovliest party I've been to for years.

    Come to think of it, it's the only party I've been to for years.

  2. dave ~ it was lovely to see you shakin' your funky stuff. I always appreciate help clearing up. I say again, you are a star.

  3. I think you're confising me with someone else.

    A) I have no funky stuff.

    B) I don't do shakin' either.

  4. Confising. There's a lovely new word.

  5. dave ~ if that's the way you want to play it today. That's fine. I know different.

    I quite like 'confising'. It has a nice ring. Especially since you say you're teetotal.

  6. I found a bottle cap under the table.

  7. I missed the whole party. Woe.

  8. Morning ... do I smell coffee? Yer feet alright? Aw Jessas whatanight ... what happened to your kitchen table? Never mind, as long there's a still intact cup?

  9. xl ~ is that what it was? As long as you had a good time honey, that's all that matters.

    z ~ don't worry. I'll send out invites for the next one.

    mago ~ your nose has not told you lies. Let me pour you a cup. It was a good party, wasn't it. I'm pleased nothing got too wrecked.

  10. I'm dreadfully sorry that I missed your party..sounds like it was a gas.
    I couldn't get away from my high school get-together which turned out to be a 70s "key" party.
    That's not true, just more interesting.

    I've been inexplicably wasting hours on Facebook because it is so easy.

    You scroll down and everybody who has written...
    "let the cat out"
    "going to work"
    "tired going to bed"
    exhaling carbon dioxide"
    is right there!
    If you're too lazy to type anything you can just poke them!
    Oh God I'm ashamed but it's so damn easy!

  11. donn ~ that's alright. Next time I'll put out invitations before hand.

    I can't criticise you re: FB. I love it and am equally guilty of the "I'm still breathing in and out regularly" status updates.

  12. I missed it! But if you need any help with the tidying, I'll be Chief Binbag Distributor & collect all the used streamers & paper plates :-P

  13. g*n*d ~ all done I'm afraid. But you can pull up a chair and have a cuppa with me.

    When I have the next one, you'll be first on my list.

  14. Honestly, Savannah can have the table. I tend to hang out in the kitchen because a - its usually near the bar and b - you overhear all the random conversations in the kitchen.

  15. Think it must be something to do with my hangover and the underside of your kitchen table, but can't get this thought out my mind...four legs and no drawers...tch...

  16. beth ~ the kitchen is the only place to be at parties.

    cogidubnus ~ *slap*


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