Blessings on the Feast of Samhain

The Wheel of the Year turns again. The Feast of Samhain mourns the losses of the past year and celebrates the coming new year.

This is the time of year to honour those who have gone before. To remember our loved ones and honour our ancestors. To let go the hardships and heartaches of the past year, to take the lessons learnt into the Winter.

I do this every year and I would be honoured if you would join me, by writing the names of those you hold dear, who have died. Please write their names and their relationship to you, if you wish. Or remain anonymous. It doesn't matter what spiritual path you walk upon. The dead are never truly lost to us, they live on in our hearts and memories.

Bambi ~ mother of my heart
Dennis ~ father of my heart
Angela ~ my mother in law
Helen ~ beloved grandmother
Herta ~ beloved grandmother
Tricia ~ my friend
Eric ~ mentor

I miss you.


  1. elizabeth - my mother
    peter - my father
    eilaina - my sister-in-law

    thank you, sugar! xoxoxox

  2. Ruby ~ my grandmother

    Oh Hai Savannah!

  3. Mary - my Grandmother
    Glen - my Grandmother
    Di - family friend
    Barry - a soul at peace.

  4. savannah ~ my pleasure lovely.

    xl ~ thank you.

    hottie ~ hello my darling. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  5. Too many to name here, I'm sad to say. But as the 40th anniversary of my father's death approaches, I find myself thinking of him more and more, while hardly being sure quite what I remember.

    Malcolm - Daddy.

  6. ...

    Jeanne - friend
    Ralf - friend
    Ruth - friend
    my mother
    my father

  7. z ~ you are welcome to name whoever you wish. I don't mind if you want to take up some space. But thank you for sharing your father.

    mago ~ thank you my dear.

  8. Elsie - my grandmother
    Fred - my grandfather
    Peggy - Auntie
    Wyn - Auntie
    Doris- Auntie
    John - Uncle
    Sorry, there are many more but these were closest...

  9. Soren - brother
    Ingrid - grandmother
    Jens - grandfather
    Borge - grandfather
    (I don't remember) - grandmother
    Gunner - uncle
    Kaj - uncle
    Vera - aunt
    Ellen - great grandmother
    (I don't remember) - aunt

    I'm ashamed that I don't remember all their names but truth be told I send very little time thinking about the dead. Also I never used their names anyway. It was always just 'aunt'. Most of them passed away when I was fairly young. By age 12 I had no grandparents left.

  10. ms scarlet ~ thank you for sharing your loved ones with us.

    cyberpete ~ all that matters lovely, is that you remembered them.


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