Annoying Ads

You might remember not so long ago, this ad really got up my nose.

My angst well and truly vented, I thought nothing more about it until this weekend, when it came on again.

With a different voiceover. A British voiceover. I had a look round here but couldn't find the new version.

So enjoy the original in all it's annoying glory. I won't miss it.


  1. Doht's not Franconian English.
    Seriously, what is this accent or tone all about? To my ears it is, well - strange. And a little poofy.

  2. mago ~ I'm from the West Indies and I can honestly say, no one I know talks like that. It just seriously annoyed me.

  3. Whatever that accent is, the voice-over guy is faking it.

    PS: I would like some of the product though.

  4. I think they changed it because of your first complaint.

  5. xl ~ send me your snail mail address and I'll post you a box.

    dave ~ yep. It's all my fault. Because I complained.

  6. Nothing is worse than the flipping new Macdonald's advert... I'll pass it by.

  7. This is why I love the mute button!

  8. scarlet ~ are you thinking about the one with the kids and the farm? I can't think of another one. It's mildly irritating, but doesn't have the same teeth grinding effect of the Rice Krispies.

    archivegirl ~ I'm such a masochist I have to have the sound, I might be missing out!


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