In Celebration of The Cat

I've been thinking about writing this post for about 3 weeks now: an Ode to The Cat. Today, I popped by Vet Nurse, who has had to say goodbye to her companion Wibble. Please drop in and give her extra hugs. I've never cuddled up to Wibs, but I've followed her antics through Vet Nurse's blog and this morning my heart is heavy with her loss.

Solitaire is a domestic short-haired cat. A posh term for a moggie. She's supposed to be Boy's cat. She loves her Boy, when he's not around for a weekend and he comes home, she's thrilled to see him. If he sits at a table, she'll come up to him and head butt him until he worships her.

Having said that, she sleeps with me. I think she definitely approves of my new bed. It's king size, rather than a 3/4 bed. Which means she can stretch out all the way, and I still have to turn over carefully, so as not to disturb her. I have a de-lint brush, with which to remove the several tonnes of black cat hair from the duvet every other day. All bedding I buy has to be with her in mind. She doesn't like satin-esk bedding and will pluck it to buggery until I change it. I do have a proper grooming brush to try and de-fluff her, but I put it in a safe place and can't find the bugger now. Why I tidy up, I'll never know.

When I come home, I'll call for her and she comes bounding down the stairs saying hello. She doesn't meow a lot for a cat, she chirrups; we have long conversations sometimes. She doesn't like being picked up, but she'll come sit next to me if I'm in one place long enough, curl up and snooze.

The Cat is a fair weather feline. The new abode has been very much to her liking. She's turned into a territorial thing, chasing off other cats with a fierce yowl, puffing herself up to twice her size. Ridiculous really. If they stopped and looked her in the eye, they'd have seen she's all bark. Not a scrapper at all. In the summer, I'd call for her when I've finished rolling a smoke and she'd come out into the sunshine with me. Hiding under a lilac when she got too hot and she'd stay out in the garden all day. She likes the cat-flap which we now keep open all the time. She gets up a couple of times in the night, but when I wake up in the morning, there she is all warm and snug at the bottom of the bed.

The week before my op was a hard one. I was saying goodbye to my fertility and my dreams of a happy family. I was outside smoking, and she sat with me, patting my leg, so I'd stroke her some more. I wondered why she was suddenly clingy and then I realised it was me. She could see I was grieving and this was her way of comforting me. Bless her.

She's eleven years old this September and I'm pleased that we have a few more happy years ahead of us. Today after reading of Vet Nurse's sad news I picked her up, protesting and gave her a big cuddle.


  1. Hmm. I decided last year that I wouldn't replace my dog, who died three years ago, because I enjoy my freedom too much - but only this week I've been wondering if I'd actually enjoy the companionship of a dog more than the freedom. Hmmm.

  2. Pets are a responsibility, when I drop Hattie at the Cattery when I go away it is with a heavy heart. She doesn't like it and I worry about her until I pick her up again and get her home.

    She acts like she's done something wrong, like it's a punishment. It's heartbreaking. On the other hand I wouldn't be without her. She's got me through the last year.

    Cats are constant companions, there because they want to be. I wouldn't have it any other way.

  3. dave ~ I know I couldn't be without her companionship. When her time is up, I'd get another.

    curious ~ exactly.

  4. I couldnt be without my dogs.
    I know they are a tie but the love they show is totally unconditional and at times very amusing as they are both very jealous, mine are brother and sister that i wasnt supposed to have, but they werent looked after and the owner was threatening to leave them in a country lane, so being me i brought them both home with me..steve said they look nothing like milk and soap powder (which was what i was supposed to be getting at the time).

  5. b*e*g ~ I bet your dogs are waay more fun than milk and soap powder. Lovely story. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  6. We're currently sharing premises with six cats (the seventh having deserted us and gone to lodge next door), two dogs and a duck...

    Over the years we've always had animals around us... hence we remain poor, shabby, but very happy...

  7. cogidubnus ~ your house always sounds like so much fun. I do wish you lived closer, I could pop in for a cuppa say hi to your duck.

  8. I had to have my poor mog put down this year. She was taken ill quite suddenly. I am now catless [apart from the stray]. The most I've had was three, and one of them used to sleep on my head and restyle my hair when I slept. I miss them and I also miss my dog.

  9. Nice post... I too follow vetnurse, and enjoy her blog :)

    Hope you are all recovered from your surgery.

  10. ms scarlet ~ it just goes to show, cats always know where they're welcome. Bet it won't be long before the stray 'adopts' you properly.

    fi ~ welcome my dear. I'm not doing too badly, still have to take it easy. But I'm doing more and more each week.


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