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I spent last night on-line, looking at shoes and boots and clothes for work. I'm not a huge fan of on-line shopping, I much prefer to feel my wares before I buy. Satisfied that I had some good stuff to look at, I went to bed.

This morning got off to a spectacularly bad start.

The cat had been sick everywhere in the kitchen during the night. Though to give her due, she did try to get out the cat flap, but I'd locked it. While we were watching the idiot box last night, some stripey feline came in and tried to help itself to her dinner. What is it with cats? The look the strange cat gave me, was filled with such disdain as I chased its arse out of my territory - how dare I? How rude of me. Humpf.

After I cleared it all up, disaster struck. My coffee machine died. All my poking, prodding, stroking and coaxing could not revive it. I had to make do with instant. Bleugh.

My needs in the morning are few. I need one cup of decent coffee to get me going. It's really not too much to ask, is it? But no, this morning it was not to be. I seriously considered going back to bed and ignoring the rest of today.

During the first smoke of the day, I thought 'fuck it'. I had a shower, put on some slap and headed into the city. Marks and Spencers was an exercise in frustration. Everything that I liked and wanted was not available in my size. This ranged from jeans, cardigans, boots and even bloody tights! Grrr... Despite their best efforts, I was able to find some fun things, even if they weren't on my list. I then trooped over the Clarks. There were some funky boots I wanted to try on. I'm glad I did. They look brilliant and were one of the most dodgy footwear I've ever tried on. They were 'top heavy' which made me rock as I walked. I'm so glad I did not part with good cash for them over the internet. I'd have been very cross.

I ended up in Shuh. So many yummy shoes. I eventually bought the black brogues. Now, to highlight what a fashion nightmare I am, I wanted them also in brown. I find something I like and then I buy it in all the colours that it comes in. This operates across the board, from footwear to clothes. You'll be so surprised to learn that they didn't have any in my size. Off I stomped to House of Fraser, there a lovely assistant got me the brown brogues I wanted and then I saw them: mid-brown, calf-length, sheep-skin lined, high-heeled Timberland style, (but not so chunky) Carvela boots, and they are so comfy. It was love at first sight.

It might not have been a good start to the day, but I sure am going to finish it in style.


  1. Shopping on a Sunday. No good will come of it.

  2. dave ~ one of the joys of Paganism, I can shop every day of the week.

  3. ms scarlet ~ as lovely as they are, I would fall over if I wore them. I am usually found in hiking trainers or boots or ballet slippers.

  4. Yeah... you don't actually wear them... you keep them in a box under your bed and sniff them occasionally.

  5. I love Boots - as you know I'm a Doc fan and you can't have too many colours.
    I have never found anything good at M&S. They even made Twiggy look frumpy.

  6. kaz ~ I think your DM collection is awesome. I think like you: find something that works, have it in every colour.

    I''m afraid I rock the M&S look. I don't know what I'd do if it weren't for them.

  7. Gadzooks!
    Having some uppity unknown felid march into your kitchen to help itself to your Puss's kibbles is so bloody rude!
    Fortunately the local Raccoons dish out a memorable thumping to the cats that find my garden an irresistable spot to defecate.

    Since you have a cat and are therefore averse to harboring guardian Raccoons, perhaps a taser above the catflap would show intruders the folly of their ways?

    You could put a coded transmitter on your companion's collar to spare it from bearing the traumatizing sting of 50,000 volts being discharged into their tiny brain as well as the embarrassing stigma of emitting the pungent aroma of laser-singed fur.

    Why should your cat feel like a prisoner?

  8. donn ~ I wouldn't mind a racoon, except we don't have any in Norwich, UK. A racoon could then see off the other cats, unfortunately, I think it would probably see off my Prince Charmings as well. So perhaps that's not a bad thing.

    I like your idea of an electrified cat-flap. I will be working on that...

  9. Tomboyish (but beautiful) daughter of a friend of ours got married in the most beautiful dress...Proud mum nearly died when half way through the service she realised the lass was wearing matching white DMs !

  10. Must start wearing my DMs again, now the autumn's here. They give me a sense of security under a cassock.

  11. cogidubnus ~ I like the sound of the bride. Any pictures? I'm a sucker for a good wedding.

    dave ~ I did laugh at the thought of you having a good old sermon, with your DMs under your regalia. Thanks.

  12. Will see if I can look out any pics... I know we had some!

  13. cogidubnus ~ I love weddings, and it sounds like that was a fun one. I'd love to see...because I'm just soo nosey.

  14. Just consulted the oracle, and she says she doesn't think we've got those pictures any more...I'm not convinced and will keep an eye out for them...


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