Norwich Pride 2009

It was thanks to the joys of Facebook that I discovered that yesterday was the inaugural Norwich Pride weekend. Of course, Boy already knew what was happening as he's now joined the other disaffected Youff hanging out at The Forum, which was the hub for all their activities. I had to pick up some necessities from the city anyway, so said I would pass by and see what was what.

I'm so glad I did.

It was amazing to see so many people supporting the event, and considering it was the first one, it was really well attended and the atmosphere was brilliant. There were people of all different sizes, shapes and persuasions, all come together to celebrate.

It's so frustrating to be feeling this fragile. There were loads of really groovy things happening throughout the weekend ranging from cabaret, to dog walking and pub lunches. I would have loved to have been part of the festivities. Even as a rampant heterosexual, I felt welcomed and included. There were so many interesting people around, some in drag, some dressed up, some just come-as-you-are. All celebrating the diversity of love.

Things kicked off with a parade. The organisers had been terrified that no one would come, so admitted afterwards how chuffed they were that the police had to hold back the traffic on Theatre Street, to make room for the parade as the pavements couldn't hold all the people marching. The pictures on Facebook are awesome and there's some excellent ones on the BBC website.

I left before things really got busy. I'm not good in crowds at the moment, even good natured ones, I tire very easily and I was happy to have spent my half an hour tasting the atmosphere.

I am hoping next year Boy and I will help out.


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