Think of this as a meme. Someone had to do a list of the 10 Things he was Good at/Proud of, and was struggling; and because everything really is ALL about me, I said I would do mine too. I have to say I struggled too and eventually came up with this list.
  1. I'm good at friendship and relationships. I can keep friends for years and years. I can also remain friends with my exes. Both aren't true of the people who have been unkind to me.
  2. Creativity. I love expressing my creativity in a variety of media, whether poetry, prose, my home or photography. I am up for it!
  3. Driving. I love it. I love my car. Say no more.
  4. Blogging. After 3 years and 1 attempt to give it up, I'd say that was self-evident.
  5. Procrastination. I am the champion of putting off til....whenever.
  6. Tarot Cards. I am a good reader and I love my cards.
  7. Selling Fragrance. I am brilliant at selling expensive fragrance.
  8. I have a really good telephone manner...except when some bastard is trying to sell me something I don't want and didn't ask for.
  9. Survival. I am the Queen of Endurance.
  10. Despite the occasional descent into despair, I remain hopeful and open-hearted. I am bitter about very few things.

So, that's my 10 Things. Are you brave enough to share your 10 Things? Please do so in the comments, or e-mail me if you're feeling shy.


  1. This wasnt easy to do, here goes:

    1. I'm proud i did the firewalk and board break this year, Thats not something i thought would materialise from just being a dream.

    2. I'm pretty good at being a mum and learning on my feet as each day brings new challenges.

    3. I'm proud ive stripped off naked and done some amusing things whilst under the influence (tea is terrible for losing inhibitions)

    4. I'm good at winding up my fella and love to make people laugh.

    5. I'm good at listening, to others needs/or their advice, but crap at listening to my own !

    6. I love to feel free, beit on horseback or out in the woods, Feeling the wind through my hair makes me feel alive.

    7. I'm bad at lying and count myself as honest.Pity more people couldnt be...

    8. I'm glad im not dead in the head yet! if you dont understand that one, then

    9. I love dancing, anything from salsa to poledancing, but am struggling with confidence at the moment.

    10. I hope this year Karma comes to visit...

  2. b*e*g ~ well done you! Though number 10, isn't strictly something you're good at or proud of.

    I wonder if anyone else is brave enough to post theirs?

  3. Lol... Ive been good this year honest :) thats why i added no 10 -It would show then that no 7 is also true..hehe

  4. 1 I'm proud of being a mum and that my grown up girls still love me!

    2 I'm proud of being a wife - we have made it through 28 years (sometimes it has been a struggle) and still walking in the same direct.

    3 I got my degree after 2 failures I never thought I would make it through.

    4 I got a dog (it took 25 years to get my husband to give in) and she is now such a lovely thing in our home. I love the cats too and would probably have more rescued animals if I could.

    5 I can finally think of myself as a writer (although yet unpublished) as I really need to write enjoy the process and hope I am getting better.

    6 I am a good support worker working with individuals with Learning Difficulties. I have made a difference to peoples lives and can make them feel stronger, more independent and make them laugh. (even if it is only at my inability to walk up a flight of stairs).

    7 I have good friends, many of whom have been with me for life (although I sometimes wonder why?) and also I am strong enough to remove people from my life who are not good for me or I am not good for them.

    8 I feel more comfortable in my own skin (most of the time) and a bit more confident.

    9 I can finally believe that I can realise my dreams.

    10 I feel I have learnt to write poetry (on my own terms) as I felt I would never learn this skill when I left Uni. Maybe not their type of poetry!

    Hope these makes sense to some. Thanks Roses lots of soul searching here.


  5. Ten things to be proud of? Bloody hell. I wouldn't know where to start, lol. I'll have to have a think and maybe procrastinate a bit, lol.

  6. I've been mulling this over and over and just can't do it. I just don't like blowing my own trumpet, but then there's the thought that if I don't then no-one else is going to anyway. But it's still hard (as the actress said to the bishop, lol).

    There are things I have every right to be proud about, but at the same time I like to keep them to myself.
    I'm not very good at selling myself am I? I remember when I had to write my CV, it was so difficult. And where women are concerned it's the same problem. I'm not what people would call, a hunter, and I've never understood that process whereby a guy goes out on the pull and just don't like going out with the aim of copping off. I'm not ego driven, and it astonishes me how many men are.

    I instead like to observe, watch how others interact with each other. Sometimes it's funny. I like to see where life takes me, and sometimes it's to a good place, sometimes it isn't.

    Ten things. Hmmmm...still mulling it over.

  7. ginro ~ that's the reason it's called a challenge. It's not supposed to be easy.

    What I suspect you're struggling with is the long, ingrained thinking which says 'good people don't blow their own trumpet'. If I asked you to tell me 10 things you were crap at, you'd rattle me a list of things that wouldn't stop at 10.

    This is an exercise in finding the little voices in our heads that constantly grind us down, tell us off, make fun of us, berate us.

    It helps to highlight the ways, we aren't good or kind to ourselves.

    Let me tell you, if someone said all the negative things you think about yourself, to your daughter, you'd swing for them. And rightly so.

    Give it some thought. Make the two lists if it helps. Post the positive one, burn the negative.

    I can give you a hint here:
    1. good father
    and I know that for a fact.

    If your daughter is about to finish university and she wants to go for a run with'll be because she likes you and wants your company.

  8. 1. Coming back for my daughter. Everyone said it couldn't be done, but I did it.
    2. Raising my daughter. Best time of my life and I'd do it all again despite all the problems. We laughed every day.
    3. Getting three degrees. Most proud of the second one, although I should be most proud of the third due to the circumstances.
    4. Carrying my Mum and Dad at the end.
    5. Being self-controlled, with a good analytical and rational mind.
    6. Being a man of my word.
    7. Loving with every fibre of my being.
    8. Still being alive, although there have been times when it's been close.
    9. Sticking up for what's right.
    10. Being allowed to see things I cannot even begin to describe.

    How does that do?

  9. ginro ~ I am honoured to read your list and that you shared it on-line. Well done for rising to this challenge. How do you feel now?

    Three degrees? Go on what subjects?

  10. Erm...aromatherapy and...

    No, I'm joking of course, lol. There was an American woman on Amazon used to have on her profile that she had a PhD in aromatherapy. She's stopped doing it now, but it was the source of much amusement, lol.

    Ancient History and Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences, and Biomolecular Science. My nickname is Diana. Geddit? Diana? Diana Ross? No, ok, lol!

    Not sure how I feel about it. There are some more I could have put up on refelction I guess.


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