This post is dedicated to Kaz.

When we moved home in April, one of the things I wanted to get was a paninni toaster. We are partial to the odd toasted cheese sarnie and I thought a panninni toaster would do all kinds of breads. That was until I saw the price of the damn thing. It was nigh on £100!

Bearing in mind that I have a poor history with kitchen gadgets i.e. I've spent a hideous amount of money on them, used them for a month (if that much) and then they've sat in the cupboard unused and gathering dust.

I had a bit of a brainwave and had a look at the George Forman grills. By complete chance, the one that I wanted was a third off at Argos. So, I invested.

I have to say that was the best £22.00 I've ever invested in a gadget. I've used it to grill bacon, salmon and chicken, and it makes brilliant toasted cheese sarnies. It's a little one, and for two people quite frankly, it's perfect.

What gadgets have you found fabulous and regularly use?

PS. Coffee machines don't count as they are a necessity, not an indulgence.

PPS. I was talking about kitchen gadgets; if you're going to be filthy, make sure it's entertaining and ingenious.


  1. As you know I'm not a gadget lover.
    But the one I can't do without is the one for getting the tops of (especially) marmalade jars.
    Much less trouble than a man

  2. I've got one of these:

    I realise, its just a cheese grater on a handle but its easily my favourite thing in the kitchen. So much easier to use than a normal grater if you just want cheese to go on top of something and for £1.50 its worth every penny.

  3. kaz ~ :-) I remembered. And you're right, it is far less trouble than a man. I personally get a thick handled knife and tap the lid of the jar, then twist. Seems to do the trick most times, when it doesn't, I really didn't want another jar of olives opened yet.

    beth ~ £1.50 you say...hmmmm....

  4. been away for a week and just catching far and away my best kitchen gadget is this:

    It's ideal for lazy people who can't be bothered to chop up chillies, ginger, garlic and onion and coriander to throw in curries nad the wok for stir fries...


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