Queen - Love of My Life

My CM at work and I have been swapping music (horrendously illegally). And he has reminded me how much I love Queen.

Freddy Mercury died as he lived, talented, without any apologies, proud.


  1. I agree. Paul Rogers was good, but no substitute.

  2. sir bruin ~ welcome. I remember the concert for Freddy, there were only 3 voices which came close to matching his with resonance, power and complexity: Annie Lennox, George Michael and Lisa Stansfield.

    He is missed!

  3. I agree with you...this is (surprisingly) one of the lesser known pieces, but it never fails to move...

    I also agree with you re Annie Lennox (one of the all-time greats) but not so sure about the other two...there are a couple of counter tenors I can think of who come close though!

  4. cogidubnus ~ really? I love this song, it's one of my favourites. I saw footage of his concert in Brazil. He wrote the Portuguese words on his hand and sang it to the Rio crowd. They went nuts, it was soooo beautiful.


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