Adventures in my Garden

While I was indulging in a naughty smoke in my garden the other day, I saw:

3 bats chasing a moth


2 baby frogs (grown from my very own pond)

How blessed am I?


  1. Is a "naughty smoke" different from a "smoke".

    Mind you don't get a frog in your throat.

  2. We appear to have gained a cat, a stray that has taken refuge in our greenhouse and that we've taken to feeding.

    She always used to sit on the path and stare at a particularly dark corner of the garden next to the shed. It was only in the downpours that happened over the weekend that we worked out what she was watching - a frog. It must go to that corner because its dark and damp.

    We just thought she was mental.

  3. I'm OK with things that fly - but not those that jump.
    So if you invite me to your garden there'll have to be a few bottles available - just to calm the nerves you understand.

  4. Very blessed...until your cat starts bringing them in for you at 3am....

    This week we have had a huge fat hairy moth, a frog and a half eaten regurgitated thing on the bathroom floor that was impossible to decipher what it was

  5. rog ~ any smoke is a naughty smoke. I just cough 'em out.

    beth ~ how's the stray doing? I'm always amazed how cats just turn up and wander off.

    kaz ~ the jumping things are only out in the evening and early morning. After a couple of bottles sitting outside, we could always move indoors.

    NM ~ I'm trying to disuade her from chasing the frogs. I'm not keen on regurgitated anything, thankfully she stays in with us at night.


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