Me Again

Thanks to the influence of my writing alumni, I have actually done a writing exercise.

This evening I sat down, applied the seat of my pants to the seat of my office chair and filled a blank Microsoft Word document with 1,203 words. They aren't the most gripping, exciting or even coherent words I've ever written. But they are mine. And they are the first words I've written just for me in the last 2 years.


  1. Well done...My guess is that anything's a start...just the desire is something significant after a break...

  2. Don't be so critical - just celebrate the fact that you have written and that any writing has merit.

    Write it, blog it and be happy.

  3. You have done 6 posts since you retired from blogging a couple of weeks ago as well!
    Writing is like a muscle, you have to use it to develop it. That's what John Le Carre told me over lunch anyway.

  4. I think that's great. The best thing to do after a break is clear some room in your head.

    It might not make sense now but sometimes it becomes clearer later on. Keep going. It's all useful.

  5. Well done lovely!

  6. Good stuff, keep it going.

  7. Well done Roses, so good to have you back again.

  8. cogidubnus ~ small steps, baby steps...

    moggie ~ thanks honey

    rog ~ yeah I know, I'm not very committed to retirement am I? Must try harder.

    curious ~ thanks honey, all cheerleading greatfully received

    beth ~ you're so sweet and by the way, your new beauty forum is great fun

    pj ~ you're a star, hope all is well with you

    b*e*g* ~ funny isn't it, I walk away and didn't get very far. Perhaps this is what I should be doing?

  9. You were born to write Roses.
    I love reading your words, you are bright, honest,funny and so down to earth, dont give up on yourself! we certainly havent.
    I look up to you, so dont look down on yourself, keep being you all the way through those bad days and it will all come right..
    That island will come to us one day..
    p.s sent you an email, can you ring me please...

  10. I have nominated you for a Nemo's Award today in my blog. I suspect you may have recieved them before but after much thought realised that you are the reason I got into blogging and your blogs have been a inspiration to me. Please keep blogging.

  11. b*e*g ~ thanks honey.

    moggie ~ your support is very much appreciated.


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