Part of my job description involves fielding calls from tele-sales operators. Given that I most of what I do at work involves sales, and I'm overly sensitive about rejection, I tend to be fairly gentle when dealing with these people.

However, yesterday did not get off to a good start when a muppet rang up and asked to speak to my COO, who wasn't there and then asked for:

Rosie Blackbourne.

I said my full name and asked how I could help.

He asked again for Rosie Blackbourne.

I said my full name again and asked how I could help.

He corrected me.

When I explained through clenched teeth that he had the right person but the wrong name, he then rang off in a huff.

I am doing a lot of deep breathing exercises these days.

It's not working.


  1. I hate to say it but I couldn't help but giggle at that... Bless you.

  2. ing ~ good to know I brightened your day.

  3. People never get my first name right - even good friends still call me Diane. Mostly I just give up correcting them. But hey your story made me laugh.

    Last time I had a pushing chap on the phone trying to sell me something (at home) he rang me back when I put the phone down on him and threatened to send the boys round. Bit scared at first and then thought 'hey he is not going to sell much like that!

  4. moggie ~ it's not fair, no one ever threatens to send the boys round to mine!

  5. Hello Ms Backbone.
    I saw you over there in Canada - Naughty girl.

  6. kaz ~ thanks. I followed you over there. Mistress MJ is great, though I agree with you, it would be better with younger nekkid me.

  7. Glad you are still writing here.

    In a previous job where I had to deal with lots of stroppy people, my boss recommended that if any of them were really difficult that I pretended to transfer the call and they would think that they were speaking to someone higher up. I think this could have worked here, you could have put him through to yourself as Rosie Blackberry (or whateve her name was).

  8. Don't you think this would make a funny poem. Just an idea.

    I had to speak to a social worker yesterday and another social worker had given me his name wrong. I felt like a fool. But hey thats social workers for ya!


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