Pity Party

I've invited the Self-Pity Gnome over and we're having a Pity Party this weekend.

I've decided to take some time out. I'm going to self-indulge and really am giving up all sensible thoughts and actions for the next couple of days. Monday is soon enough for reality.

Don't get me wrong, I have much to be thankful for, but I want to take some time to accept that Life is Tough and Quite Frankly, Shit.

All welcome!

Bring red wine and munchies.


  1. That gnome gets very embarrassing after a couple of tankards!

    Hooray for Sundays!

  2. Yep. I'm totally there, know exactly how you feel.

    I'm actually back seeing the counsellor - hopefully a few sessions there will pull me out of it.

  3. rog ~ I've had sensible, self-pity fun, no hangover. Sunday has definitely been good.

    beth ~ sorry to hear your Self-Pity Gnome came to stay for an extended visit. Hope you and your counsellor evict him PDQ.

  4. Oh no. I hope the gnome has gone now. You were sounding so upbeat recently too.

  5. We all get visits from that gnome at times, tell him that the foods really good up the road and send him packing..
    Coming to salsa Thursday? it would be lovely to see you.
    Jo xxx

  6. sanddancer ~ yeah, well, sometimes life takes a swipe at your knees.

    B*E*G ~ the gnome is fine where he is at the minute (in a corner sulking, generally keeping the f**k out of my way).


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