Writing the To Do List

Now I'm the owner of a house, I have far more space. Unfortunately, I am coming to realise that I also have far more things that need attention. I knew it would be like this, but I didn't know it would be like this, if you know what I mean.

Before in the flat, there was the dishes, the laundry and that's about pretty much all the things that I really HAD to do. Now I've moved, of course there are still people I need to inform, I've also had to sort some niggly things, like the upstairs loo and the leaking shower. I have a garden and a pond. With the hot weather, half the damn pond has disappeared and I'm buggered if I can be arsed to fill the damn thing up with a bucket, which means I have to bite the bullet and get a hose. I also need to find a handyman to deal with the bits and pieces left behind by the previous owners, random stairgate cups on doorways, a hole in the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom, weird shelving and so the list continues.

Not to mention the fact that I still haven't unpacked my study yet and I've got hell and all shit that really needs to go up in the loft. Or the baskets for paperwork which are still sat by my front door. Or the piles stashed under the stairs. It didn't seem like a lot left to do when I moved. Sitting here looking at the crap, I'm begining to wonder.

I have a new bed on the way and new bedroom furniture. How exciting is this? I've opted for a kingsize iron bed, it's very girlie. I'm so excited. The mattress is fantastic, it's soft and supportive, when I lay on it in the showroom, it was like being hugged. The wardrobe is a bit of overkill, in that it's a triple with lots of hanging rails and shelves and I'm getting a matching chest of drawers, a blanket box and the bedside tables. I suspect I'll lose a lot of space in my bedroom to the imposing furniture, but the theory is with the adequate storage space, I can keep it tidy. Hah!

I'm currently sitting here with 3 lists in front of me: Need To Do, Ought To Do, Nice To Do. All blank at the minute. I really ought to get round to filling them in. Unfortunately, I've just remembered I've an appointment for a waxing in 45 mins time. Damn. I'll just have to go into town instead.

I think I'm really getting the hang of this procrastination lark.


  1. What about list #4 "Will honestly never get around to doing..."

  2. You know what you need?


    A colleague of mine told me about it recently and I'm never making a list on paper again. It gives you email alerts to remind to you do things and you can tick them off and all sorts. I love it.

    I, like you, have a crap-load of stuff to do and totally know where you're coming from.

    I, like you, am also procrastinating like a mofo to not do any of it.

    I'm sure we'll get there in the end!

  3. ing ~ don't be tempting me with List #4, you know full well I'd move all of the above into it.

    beth ~ the problem with using software to organise myself is, I spend all my time typing things in and doing sweet FA. So therefore, I will be googling toodledo shortly.

    I doubt there's any hope for me.

  4. Congratulations on the new place! Sounds fab and the bedroom furniture soudns amazing...I have 1 paltry wardrobe with one rail and dream of one like yours!

    Create a 4th list title - 'can I really be a*sed to do this? Maybe on pain of death' and you'll soon be sorted - it's amazing how much ends up on there - always works for me!

  5. We own this house...we have loads of space...sadly it's all cluttered... never mind, it'll fit in the loft...

    As the family non-driver I keep saying, we need to go to the tip...but does she listen?

    Twenty odd years on, sadly it won't...the loft is full...floor to ceiling full...almost ceiling-crackingly full...the side-path from the back garden is also full of uncleared discarded debris ... the (open) front porch is also full of debris...we're out of options...

    'Er indoors keeps talking imaginatively about sharing a skip with them next-door...

    I keep telling her...we can do at least three skips alone...but will she listen?

    When I die....

  6. My place is full of clutter ive started throwing all sorts out its lovely !!
    The wonderful things (not) i found in the boys room stretched even my imagination..lol
    Keep smiling Roses you will get there..
    jo xxx


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