The last 14 days have been a series of unfortunate events.

And as some of these events touch some of the people who know me and I haven't the heart to lay it all out to you.

I'm going to bow out of blogging.

It has given me so much, new friends and a new perspective on the world.

I list this as the things that I am grateful for. But for now, I'm pulling in the drawbridge.

Be well, be safe and be happy.


  1. Hi Beautiful,

    Sorry to hear you are having bad days. I will see you on Thursday for real life hugs but I will miss you online.

    Blessings X X

  2. Really will miss your blogging Roses... Thanks for everything and Good luck to you and boy!

  3. Well, what about us? How're we gonna struggle along without you?
    Seriously, you take some time out, gal. Always know that you have friends here.
    Take care.

  4. Please please don't stop blogging. I don't know your reasons (your business) but know I read your blog and know that I totally recognise how you feel. Blogging is writing - it keeps the creativity coming when life gets in the way. You are a writer - your blog shows that. I know how hard it is to pay the bills, to keep life going but understand this you need to write, to be creative outside of work, uni showed us that. Please keep going you blog is bril. Thinking of you and understanding how you feel.

  5. I'm really sorry things are crap at the moment. I hope they improve soon and you'll be back on here someday in some form or other, even a completely new blog - you clearly love writing and are good at it.

    Take care!

  6. What's happened Roses? l have missed loads by the look of things hang loose and come back in a few days when life has settled.

  7. I'm sorry to hear you're going to stop blogging, you'll defeintiely be missed!

    If there's anything you need, you've got my email address - just drop me a line!

    Lots of love xx

  8. I'm sorry to hear that things haven't been going well for you and yours. I've enjoyed reading your blog and hope that one day you might feel able to return. Take care of yourself until then.

  9. Sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better soon and that things improve for you.

  10. We will all miss you Roses..
    If you need anything please get in touch, If i can help i will.
    Thats what friends are for..
    Jo xxx


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