Just a quick question for you -

- why is it, if someone I want to get an e-mail from, spells my name incorrectly, as in rosemary@ (I'm an 'ie' at the end), the e-mail bounces through the aether, never to land in my Inbox or to be heard of since. Yet, spammers send e-mail to rosma@ and it comes through just fine.

Tell me, why is that?


  1. Sods law I believe.

  2. My friend set up a friendship with a lovely bloke who got her e mails for Martine when he was Martin. Somehow he forwarded them.
    So don't worry you may get returns from a Ron (?) and get friendly..

  3. How can we tell you that, when we don't know? lol.

  4. beth ~ possibly

    kaz ~ I may well hear from Ron, maybe later?

    dickiebo ~ :-)


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