Moving on Up

It's been a fraught couple of weeks. A task that I'd been given months ago, and have been successfully avoiding, became due, added to which was writing website content for the shiny new website which needs to go live in the next few days. In order not to let my bosses down, this is the second weekend in a row which I've worked. Which is fine, except I haven't written anything serious since my dissertation, I know sweet FA about the technical side of heat pumps and their associated technology and it has taken me ages to get back into the swing of things again.

Don't get me wrong, it's been good writing again. And I know when this is all done I will get a bollocking for not doing the damned case studies - rightly so. Working for a living is a lot different than being a grubby writing student, that's for sure. But I continue to make the adjustment; and as long as they understand I'm willing, I'll hopefully still have the opportunity.

Everything's changing and at times I really do struggle with it. Even the good stuff.

We exchanged contracts last Friday and will complete on Wednesday. In my head, I thought I'd take it leisurely. Get in a decorator, get it nice before moving in, move in about 4 weeks time. Now the time is here and I've peered in through the windows like an orphan in a Dickens story, I'm thinking 'fuck it'. I want in now. Thanks to Gee, I found a local furniture place that will build exactly the type of bedroom furniture I want and at a very reasonable cost.

Of course the problem is, I haven't packed anything yet. Nada. Zip. Nowt. I have no boxes. I haven't even started to even prepare my To Do List. I freeze every time I think about it. The good thing is there's the long weekend, which hopefully will mean I won't have to take time off for the move. Unfortunately, as it's a long weekend, organising things like the delivery of fridges etc is going to be awkward. I haven't got a clue where to start. I'm doing the Rabbit in the Headlights impression.

Therefore, I am going to do what all procrastinators do when confronted with a task - I'm going to go have coffee and breakfast in a cafe.


  1. That is indeed the cure to all of life's problems.

    Good Luck with the move.


  2. britswitch ~ it certainly gave me a bit of space to think about mine. I now have boxes, bubble wrap and everything I need to move bar the van and several men. Oh yes, must pack.


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