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Just a quick question for you -

- why is it, if someone I want to get an e-mail from, spells my name incorrectly, as in rosemary@ (I'm an 'ie' at the end), the e-mail bounces through the aether, never to land in my Inbox or to be heard of since. Yet, spammers send e-mail to rosma@ and it comes through just fine.

Tell me, why is that?

Blog Respite

Greetings and salutations.

My apologies for not posting for awhile, but there has been a lot going on in my life and I've been trying to juggle my need to blog quite personal issues, against the fact that a lot of my IRL friends and work colleagues now occasionally pop by.

I'm still not sure how I resolve this issue, because some big stuff has been going down, but it's not just my stuff, and putting it out there affects more than just me. Ultimately, it's over-shadowed the day-to-day stuff, that I could have blogged about.

Before anyone starts worrying, Boy and I are well and happy, though we were both laid low by a cold with ambitions of flu. And you all will remember how well I cope with being ill - I did my dying swan act, shoving large quantities of ibprofen and paracetemol down my neck, while trying to keep going at work.

This week I am going to start badgering my doctor. I want to be sterilised. This is not a decision made lightly or in haste. I do not want to give b…

For Those of You Who Worked for Your Degree...

This arrived in my Spambox yesterday. I could not resist putting this up for your enjoyment and edification.
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Usually you have to verify your life experience and you instantly qualify.
Even though that is not the main cause why people are buying life experience degree.

The actual reason why people buy a life experience degree is because they can not go to a institution in their surrounding area that offers the diploma program they are heading for: For example, if you live near a College which only offers renowned marketing degree, then this doesn't help you a bit if you're looking for a marketing degree. To attend cl…