For Those of You Who Worked for Your Degree...

This arrived in my Spambox yesterday. I could not resist putting this up for your enjoyment and edification.
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To buy a degree is quite easy these days. Nevertheless most students just sit around in their usually boring local University classes, wasting money.
Why would you do that? These days buying a degree is a matter of personal motivation. But why should you buy a degree? The main reason is the fact that buying a degree on1ine is going to save you time, a lot of time.
Usually you have to verify your life experience and you instantly qualify.
Even though that is not the main cause why people are buying life experience degree.

The actual reason why people buy a life experience degree is because they can not go to a institution in their surrounding area that offers the diploma program they are heading for: For example, if you live near a College which only offers renowned marketing degree, then this doesn't help you a bit if you're looking for a marketing degree. To attend classes you might have to travel long distances. Then it might be that the degree that you want is only offered by a institution which costs a fortune. So you have to leave your place, look for accommodation in the University's place and do all the other stuff involved costing you tons of cheeze.

If you buy a degree by verifying your life experience or work experience, you can find the right degree for you without ever having to leave your workplace and instead get all the documents like the diploma certificate with the University's legal verification and official seal certifying the degree chosen, the transcript, a cover letter, copies of the College's or University's official certificate of accreditation, the institutions postal prospectus approval and a few important things more.

Having a University degree is very important these days, and as always in
life you should only stick with something you want.

Beware choosing to be something just because it was the only good degree your local institution offered. After all, you are only going to be good at your job if you like to do it. Thus, you have to get a degree that means something to
you. This used to be a task that could take you years.

Buying a degree is nothing harmful. It's a win-win situation for the Colleges involved as well as for you, getting the degree you dreamed of.Give
us a call if you are interested to buy a degree from an University!

If you are interested to obtain your own degree, please give us a call at
1.718.9895.740 (INSIDE USA)
+1.718.9895.740 (OUTSIDE USA)

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So, will you make the call?


  1. Anonymous7:08 pm

    I did it the old fashioned way and got a boring old European studies BA where I actually had to write essays and attend classes and, even worse and for this reason alone I believe I earned my honours, live in Wolverhampton for 3 years...if only I'd known eh?

    Although come to think of it, I have always fancied myself as an MBA but just don't have the personal motivation to get on with it...

    Or do you think these "life experience degrees" are more practical like 'BA (Hons) Shopping on a maxed out credit card' or 'BSc Dealing with pet fur around the home'?

  2. For a variety of social reasons I couldn't go beyond A levels...However, I've never resented those who could and my day this was supported by grants...not overly-generous grants. but grants nonetheless... the iniquities of student loans hadn't then been dreamed up...

    I can now speak as one who's been in the workplace nearly forty years, and I certainly wouldn't cavill at paying a little extra tax to subsidise learning...most of which is eventually socially useful anyway...

    The thought of "bought qualifications" is totally repugnant...

    Clearly you're proud of what you've achieved by honest means...and so you should be!

  3. NM ~ how traditional of you, working for your degree. Learning how to spell and punctuate the hard way.

    I personally am heading for a MSc in Unobtainable Men and a PhD in Procrastination.

    cogidubnus ~ howdy stranger. Good to see you again. Missed you. I think you're absolutely right on all counts. And yes, I am proud of my education, I've really enjoyed it and it's been good for me.

  4. Surely gaining a degree is all tied up with the experience of actually doing it. The study, research, the friends made, the lecturers who inspire and inform, the dives on a Friday night. You can't put a price on that.

  5. There are many experiences I would gladly trade away for... well pretty much all the alcohol that provoked those experiences - but there were much greater things I gained from a campus atmosphere and the study process. It's part of growing up really.


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