25 Random Things About Me (Yes it is ALL about me)

1. I love to dance, though I do it with enthusiasm, rather than with technique.
2. I love my Boy to bits, and worry that I'll turn into THAT kind of mother when he leaves home.
3. I loathe and detest housework.
4. I am far more organised at work than I am at home.
5. We will be moving soon (fingers crossed).
6. We won't be taking quite a lot of crap.
7. I love my new car far more than I ever thought was possible, and it just shows how much I need a life.
8. Despite it all, I still have a thing for men in uniform.
9. It's now time to make different mistakes.
10. I have added quite a few entries to my list of Things Not to be Repeated.
11. I am exercising in the morning in my living room, because I can't bear to be seen in public huffing and puffing like this.
12. I think it's a real shame I waited so long to discover the pleasures of being a girlie.
13. I have fallen head over heels in love with perfume.
14. I want to travel more.
15. There are some things I still regret, and sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and wish I had made different choices.
16. There are some things I wish I had done sooner, but I have come to terms with the fact that things take their own time to sort out.
17. There are some things I don't regret, and wouldn't do differently.
18. I wish I was more compassionate, empathetic and patient. I'm not. I'm intolerant, impatient and just wish people would pull their fucking fingers out. (This isn't about you, by the way)
19. This year I am attending to my health and energy levels.
20. I hate, loathe and detest cutsey cards/e-mails/pictures with fuzzy wuzzy animals and luv u forever homilies. No, I'm never going to pass it on to 5 friends and I'm okay with the bad karma.
21. Life only started to make sense when I walked into Inanna's Festival and met H.
22. Paganism is The Path my feet find effortlessly and my heart chants 'I am The Goddess, I am The Mother, all acts of Love and Pleasure are my Ritual' with every step. Even when I have taken a quick sit down.
23. In my darkest hours it has been the kindness of strangers, that have lit my way Home. Some of these strangers have become my closest friends and I worry that they don't know how much I love them and appreciate their continued presence in my life.
24. I am an artist and a writer and if I do neither - I go crazy.
25. I am crazy at the moment and working my way back towards sanity.

Now it's your turn to write 25 things and tag other people and me!


  1. #23 I agree with entirely. I'm still awed sometimes by the amazing people once can meet by chance amongst six billion others.

  2. Ive done mine.. boy i enjoyed that

  3. Good luck with 5. Regarding 6, we didn't take much when we last moved, but we seem to have accumulated a lot more since.

    I want to do 14 too and unfortunately I do 15 too much.

    I will write my list as soon although I've been thinking about it already for days and can't think of much. How dull I must be if there aren't 25 things about me.

  4. sanddancer ~ thanks hon, I need all the luck I can get.

    Don't over-think it, they can be 25 completely random, fun things. Just go with it. I look forward to your list.

  5. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Great list Roses...After much thought and faff, I've done mine...

  6. NM ~ I thought yours was excellent...I know memes can be quite cheesy, but I love seeing what everyone has chosen to write.

  7. I thought of you on the way to work and wondered whether number 8 includes traffic wardens, street cleaners and other jobs, out of curiosity?

    No.25: Hopefully everyone around here can help you on your path back to sanity too!

  8. Claire ~ #8 does not include traffic wardens or boiler suits, no. And I have to say, at the risk of annoying paramedics - not them either. While green polyester doesn't do it for me, I do think they are great people though (sorry Tom).

    I do quite like a man in a good suit as well, after all, a suit is a uniform of sorts.

    I remember talking about this at work and one of the guys there took offence. He said I was objectifying men and I was shallow. Come to think of it, he was probably right.


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