Snow (again)

I looked out the window and it snowed during the night. Joy.

It looks that sparkly frozen type which has the potential to be lethal. The Viking says I need to get over it and spend some time doing handbrake turns in an empty car-park. Bless him, he has leant me his copy of Roadcraft - the Police Drive Faster manual. If I wasn't going to salsa tonight, I'd start reading it.

This is a week of frustration. It is filled with 'one step forward, two steps back'. I understand it's caused by the most part by my complete inability to be patient. Changes are coming, but damnit I want them NOW.

I overdid things with my healthy living stuff, and my stomach told me in no uncertain terms how very unhappy it was with me. So, I've had to take things a bit more easy, the result, some of the weight I'd lost reappeared magickally on the scales. *sigh* At least the cramps have dissipated and I can't get off the couch now.

The house sale is sliding towards a wall with no brakes. Conveyancing and the survey have thrown up some issues which I'm not terribly happy about. These issues may turn into a bargaining point, or they may knacker the sale completely. I've not had the time to read the documentation fully, I've taken tomorrow off so I can deal with it properly, but I'm not prepared to make any decisions until I'm better informed. Perhaps I'll have another look around. At the moment, I won't say until I've read the papers and talked to a couple of people.

When I make decisions, I do tend to do so straight from the gut. Making decisions on instinct carries with it certain risks which I'm not sure I'm prepared to pay now. However, making decisions based on the head alone is too cold for me and compromise still seems to be the art of making everyone unhappy. Though, in this case, it'll be me rattling round a house I don't bond with.


I suppose it was too much to ask for, that my life would become more straightforward?


  1. If you find the recipe for straightforward life, please let me have a copy.

  2. Sorry to hear about the house problems.

    On the change front, I'm the same. I'm not a huge fan of change, but once it becomes a possibility I'm impatient for it happen.

  3. vetnurse ~ if I ever manage it, I'll be rich from selling the Self-Help book (you'll get the first signed copy, I promise)

    sanddancer ~ you've hit the nail on the head

  4. Can i have the 2nd copy please?
    Things are so frustrating at times, when we dont want things to happen they come quickly, when we look forward to things they dont..
    I think the world would be much nicer if we could reverse that...
    I hope things settle down for you, See you tonight at salsa.
    jo xxx

  5. B*E*G ~ sure no problem, it's yours. They say it's snowing again, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed about tonight. I feel a bit desperate for something fun.

  6. I hate the snow. Hate it.

    I know what you mean about being impatient for change, its a case of "just happen already".

    I think to some extent you just have to go with the flow and not try to force anything. It'll all happen in its own good time and if you're too busy looking forward you'll miss the good things that happen in the present.

    Or something like that anyway xx


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