The Next Big Thing

On my news trawl this morning I found an article and knew I had to share.

Follow the link and let me know if you're going to buy the fragrance for yourself (if you're a bloke) or for the men in your life (or if you're a woman).

Let me know if you're tempted - please? I could do with a laugh.


  1. Ick! how tacky and tasteless. Mind you l am not a burger shop or fast food joint of any sort fan.

  2. I think the it would land me in a divorce court if I tried to give that for Christmas. What with goth Dad being a vegitarian and all LOL.

    What a tasteless idea (literally)


  3. vetnurse ~ I can't ever remember being turned in a takeaway - so thank goodness it's not just me.

    goth mum ~ I didn't think of that. It really would be the best way to sabotage a relationship.

  4. Hmmm the smell of broiled meat. Come on girls!!! You know that's a smell to drive you wild.

    Now all men can smell like the owner of a kebab van.


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