Last night, Bear and his lovely took me to see the Mediaeval Baebes. We queued in the drizzle and wind for 20 mins before the Keepers of the Doors in Norwich Cathedral decided we'd been punished enough. Fortunately, Bear is a man of great foresight and may angels bless the steps he place upon this Earth - he brought hand warmers! There is nothing, nothing I tell you, so blissfull as being cold and wet and having a warm handwarmer shoved down your cleavage.

Mind you, blessings must go to the Stewards who served strong, hot mulled wine. Between the handwarmer and the mulled wine, I thawed out enough to really appreciate the Baebes. I've tried to convince You Tube to play their 'clubbed' version of Aria below. Hopefully, it'll play and you'll be able to enjoy it. They are really good fun. Even if they do take their dancing a little too seriously and their intro-patter is somewhat annoying. However, that said, they sound great and look fantastic.

This post is entitled 'syncronicity' which according to Wikipedia, the God of free information online, is about events which are not related to cause and effect, but which when looked at, have meaning.

Ten years ago, I was in post-relationship recovery. The relationship was a rebound from my marriage and it ended quite badly. I was growing closer to a group of people who would become the bedrock of my life. I went to see the Mediaeval Baebes promote their second album Worldes Blysse with someone who would become a friend and lover and at whose wedding I danced at earlier this year.

Ten years later, I am also in post-relationship recovery. It seems the last ten years have not been wasted. I make better decisions regarding men and although part of my relationship with the Viking has come to an end, our friendship has not. Briefly, we are at different stages in our lives, and when two people have different goals, and compromise is not an option, I took Sting's advice.


  1. Sorry to hear about you and Viking - I thought you had it sorted.
    However taking Sting's advice sound good in this case and let's hope you'll be enjoying tantric sex before too long.

  2. kaz ~ thanks for your well wishes. But I am slightly concerned about you mentioning Tantric Sex yet again. Is there something you'd like to share with us?

  3. Group tantric sex?! Interesting! Especially if Sting's involved!

    Hugs to you as always my love. I'll see you soon for real ones. In the meantime I'm only at the end of a phone. xx

  4. hottie ~ group Tantric sex? Really? With Sting? Really?

    I don't think so.

    Hugs from you, yes. Group Tantric sex, no.

    I'm just a vanilla kinda gal.


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